A White Pants Outfit that Works Every Time!

white jeans and green military jacket outfit for the coast - find more outfit inspiration at Stylishlyme.com

Lovin’ White Pants

You know I love white pants outfits! I’ve shared various ways to wear white pants for different occasions before. In case you haven’t seen it I suggest checking out 16 Stylish ways to wear white jeans! Here you’ll see a white pants outfit for every season!

Oh, and in case you were wondering you can wear white jeans after Labor Day.

Coastal White Pants Outfit

Here is a white pants outfit I wore to the California Coast on a chilly weekend. These photos are from the last week of April. So if you’re from out of state or out of the country remember that it can get chilly in Northern California in the springtime in places like Monterey and Carmel by the Sea.

I was wearing a long sleeve button down, and the military green jacket, and I was still a little cold.

I should also mention that the white jeans I’m wearing in this post, and lots of my other white jeans posts are from LOFT. They are by far the best affordable option for white jeans.

When it comes to wearing white pants my favorite way to wear them is pairing them with neutrals. This combination is the easiest and safest way to create a casual and stylish white pants outfit that works for every day.

I paired the white distressed denim with a light blue button down that peeked out from the back of the jacket and the jacket sleeves. A dark olive green military jacket that gave the outfit a little more attitude but still kept it casual. If I were to have worn a blazer, the outfit would have moved into the too dressy side.

Lastly, I wore light brown ankle boots that match the light brown cloth belt. I wanted to keep the natural feel of the outfit, so I made sure that all the colors were nature colors and that the material and played along with the theme.

Here is my white pants outfit for the coast! I hope this has given you some outfit inspiration on how you can wear your white jeans.

Stay Stylish,

P.S. The last photo is of me and Peter in one of my favorite locations, Point Lobos. I’ve shared a travel blog post from that location before. It’s amazing!

white pants outfit for the coast when it's a little chilly - find more outfit inspiration at Stylishlyme.com

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what to wear with white jeans - A Stylish White Pants Outfit - find more outfit inspiration at Stylishlyme.com

Hiking in Point Lobos California


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