Gorgeous Hair Color without Damage
I always get asked how do I get my hair to look so naturally pretty. How is it so long and how is it that I don’t have my hair dyed. I’ve been dying and cutting my hair since I was in the 6th grade. ... VIEW THE POST
5 Steps to Perfect Sexy Beachy Wavy Hair on Stylishlyme.com
5 Steps to Perfect Sexy Beachy Wavy Hair
When planning a beach vacation in San Diego, there are many things to look forward to sun, sand, waves, frozen treats, and plenty of fish tacos. In addition to packing plenty of bikinis, hats, and sunscreen I also packed my awesome curling wand from Irresistible ... VIEW THE POST
Clean skin on the go - stylishlyme and simple skincare
Clean Skin on the Go
I am always on the go, whether it’s from the office to the gym or on a fun road trip. In addition to wearing a stylish outfit in my day to day, I always make sure I have an easy way to clean my skin ... VIEW THE POST
Holiday Side Ponytail Hair Tutorial
Holiday Party Hairstyles – The Side Ponytail Tutorial
Styling your hair for the holidays is slightly different from your everyday styling. You might spend a little more time on it. You might add a little embellishment with a headband or a hair clip. Or you even might get it professionally styled at a ... VIEW THE POST
Perfect Party Hair - Stylishlyme.com
Perfect Party Hair – The Holiday Ponytail
Perfect party hair is an important part of your November and December plans. Creating a stylish hairstyle to match your Christmas parties and New Years Eve celebrations is a must. The holiday hairstyles I'm sharing with you all have a glitzy touch, with embellished hair ... VIEW THE POST
Triple Flip Holiday Hair Guide
Easy Holiday Hair Tutorial Perfect For Any Holiday Party
With the holiday season here and holiday parties approaching it’s important to look our best. We not only need to wear stylish holiday outfits but we also must have the holiday hair to match. There are a lot of holiday hair tutorials that you can ... VIEW THE POST