Stylish Fall Outfit Stylishlyme- Visit to view what are the three fall essentials that will make you outfit 10x more stylish
3 Essentials to Make Your Fall Outfit 10x More Stylish
Want to make your fall outfit 10x more stylish? Learn what are the 3 fall essentials you need to have in your closet to make sure you're set for the season. VIEW THE POST
Why You Need a Pair of Over The Knee Flat Boots- Visit to read tips on shopping for over the knee boots and how to wear them
Why You Need a Pair of Over The Knee Flat Boots
Are you a boot lover? Do you love ankle boots, knee boots, thigh high boots, over the knee boots? Boots are my favorite type of footwear. Boots can be worn year round and most of the time are more comfortable than heels. VIEW THE POST
The Perfect Spring Jacket – A Silk Bomber
The bomber jacket, aka the flight jacket, was created for pilots during World War I to keep them warm. But it wasn’t until Tom Cruise sported this stylish gear in the movie Top Gun that this jacket really went mainstream. Iteration after iteration have entered ... VIEW THE POST
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Spring Pointy Toe Flats
Spring is displaying its beautiful colors and gorgeous blue skies. The Gorgeous weather is upon us. I’m giddy for midi pastel skirts, brightly colored a-line dresses and floral printed shorts! To continue my spring series I’m focusing on some key items that are spring wardrobe ... VIEW THE POST
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You Can’t go to the Snow without Cute Snow Boots
If you’ve ever wondered what to wear to the snow I’m here to help. The question - “What to wear to the snow?” always enters my mind before heading for a visit to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. I live in Central California, it’s sunny ... VIEW THE POST
A Stylish Winter Essential: Plaid Scarf
Plaid is a necessary print during the winter. It may be more popular one year than another but this is a print that will always be around. The color and print variations might change but the essence of plaid is around every winter. VIEW THE POST