You Can’t go to the Snow without Cute Snow Boots

A Winter Essential - Cute Snow Boots -

What to Wear to the Snow?

If you’ve ever wondered what to wear to the snow I’m here to help.

The question – “What to wear to the snow?” always enters my mind before heading for a visit to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. I live in Central California, it’s sunny 360 days out of the year, so the only time I see snow is when we drive to these relatively close national parks during the short winter season. We visit these scenic winter wonderlands every year.

Cute Snow Boots are a Must

The one thing I learned very quickly is that cute snow boots are a must. I remember the first time I visited the snow – I didn’t have any snow boots. I slipped and slided all over the place because I didn’t have the appropriate footwear. I quickly ran out and bought a pair of pink and brown snow boots. I was prepared for my second visit.

This brings me to the point of this post. When deciding on an outfit to wear to the snow I start from the bottom up. First is the cute snow boots. Since I know I have to wear snow boots I center the outfit around that. For example, there is no way you can wear boot cut jeans with these boots or chambray drawstring pants, you shouldn’t wear those type of bottoms to the snow anyways but you get where I’m going.

Like in this outfit, I seem to always reach for warm leggings to pair with snow boots. It’s because I hate how denim feel when it gets wet and second it’s just so much more comfortable. As for staying warm on top, you should avoid the cold by layering. If you plan on being active you should layer in case you get hot. Remove a layer if you get too hot and add a layer as it gets colder. I also wear my hair in a ponytail or a bun because, if not, it becomes a frizzy mess.

Remember these tips when getting your next snow outfit together. Cute snow boots are a must, leggings will always look cute, warm layers and, unless you have short hair, I would suggest wearing it up in a ponytail.

What did you wear the last time you went to the snow?

Stay Stylish,

PS. The super cute and also very warm boots I’m wearing in these photos are from Ugg Australia.

Photos: @peterlang

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Snow Boots from Ugg Australia (2 Seasons Ago) | Black Leggings from Kensie | Sweater from Lush | Scarf from Michael Stars | Gray Turtleneck from Forever 21


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