A Wear Anywhere Black Lace Dress

Fancy Black Outfit - Stylishlyme

Jeweled Headband Fashion - Stylishlyme

Beautiful Black Lace Dress - Stylishlyme

Black Floral Heels Ted Baker - Stylishlyme

Black Lace Dress - Stylishlyme

Black Sunglasses Black Dress - Stylishlyme

black lace dress leather jacket - Stylishlyme

Black Lace Sleeveless Dress - Stylishlyme

Black Leather Peplum Jacket - Stylishlyme

Black Lace Dress is Vintage | Leather Jacket (similar) from BB Dakota | Floral Heels gifted by Ted Baker (similar) | Headband Christmas Gift =)

What Makes the Little Black Dress Even Better?

Everyone knows of the famous little black dress and without a doubt it’s something that you need to have in your closet. If you happen to be someone that doesn’t own one, stop reading this and go get one! Right now! Or just scroll to the end of this post and shop a few of my favorites.

There are times that I add one more descriptive word to these already perfect three little words and this is one them, it’s lace. A little black lace dress. Or even better, a wear anywhere little black lace dress. I’m referring to a dress that will always work. A dress that is not too short, not too long, not too tight, not too loose, not too risque, and not too uptight, I’m referring to the perfect dress that will always be appropriate and not only fits your body like a glove but also your personality.

The black lace dress in this post it is for me. It’s classic yet contemporary in it’s shape, it’s minimal with a high neckline (my favorite kind) and it’s the perfect shape for me. It also suits my personality and my style. I have worn this dress various times in a variety of ways because a perfect little black dress can transform to fit the occasion. In this outfit, I wore it with a little more edge. I paired a black peplum leather jacket, jeweled headband, black floral heels and black sunglasses. I kept the entire color scheme dark, with the only hint of softness in the shoes that gives off the vibe of, I’m cool but also nice.

Find Your Perfect Little Black Lace Dress

Do you want to feel stylish, confident and comfortable? I do. I want to relive the moments when all is right in the world, or at least it is in my own little world. Like right after you just received the perfect haircut and blowout, the mood changing manicure or right after shopping. This is how I want you to feel all the time and it starts with dressing the part.

When searching for your dress keep these four things in mind: the style, shape, fabric, and length.

Find Your Little Black Dress:

  • Style – Do you want to give off the vibe of sexy, romantic, sophisticated, retro, edgy or minimal?
  • Shape – What dress will best fit your body shape? Are you pear shape, petite, apple shape, curvy, or plus size?
  • Fabric – When are you going to be wearing this dress most? Also, take into consideration where you live. If you live in California you would want to select a fabric that isn’t too thick and hot. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you live in Minnesota you might want to pick a warmer fabric like wool. Of course you can buy something with a lace overlay, like the dress in this post.
  • Length – The length of the dress is key because you are, or should be, wearing this item to many occasions so you don’t want anything too short or anything too long. The length should be just right for your height. I suggest the hem ending a couple of inches above the knee.

Have you found your little black lace dress yet?

Stay Stylish,


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17 thoughts on “A Wear Anywhere Black Lace Dress

  • default avatar

    Such a beautiful LBD!
    You look really great in your pics dear. 🙂
    -xoxo, FRANCES


  • default avatar

    So gorgeous. I’d kill to have your hair. Great post and your pics are amazing =)


    • default avatar

      You’re so sweet Hazel, thank you!

  • default avatar
    Alexandra Aimee

    This is lovely! I love the look, and your pictures are so pretty!

    — Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

    • default avatar

      Thank you Alex!

  • default avatar

    love the shoes and your hair accessories~
    ladies in navy

  • default avatar

    Every gal should have a stylish lace LBD. Great tips on how to my the perfect LBD. I’m dying over those shoes btw

    Cha Cha
    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

    • default avatar

      I’m glad the tips were helpful! The shoes are from Ted Baker =)

  • default avatar

    Lovely dress!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  • default avatar
    black is beautiful

    Looove that look, the dresss is so chic and perfect combination with the pretty and lovely shoes, so amazing.

    • default avatar

      Happy you like how the look turned out! Thank you.

  • default avatar

    I have one too with lace on the sleeves, is great cause it could be use in almost any ocation and you always look good on it. Like you say everyone should have their on black dress 🙂 Love your shoes and the hair accesorie!


    • default avatar

      And every time you wear it, it just makes you feel wonderful, right? Thank you 😉

  • default avatar

    I love the photos for this post! Also, the heels are gorgeous! 🙂


    • default avatar

      Thank you! We have lots of faun taking them and it was in a new location so it added to the fun. Happy you like!

  • default avatar

    Wooow you look totally stunning. Love your beautiful black lace dress.

    xx Mira


    • default avatar

      Thank you Mira!