A Dramatic Cape

dramatic blue cape - Stylishlyme

Blue Winter Cape - Stylishlyme

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Blue and Gold Winter Outfit - Stylishlyme

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Gold dress and blue cape outfit - Stylishlyme

Twirling Blue Cape - Stylishlyme

Dramatic Cape is Vintage | Nude Heels gifted by Sole Society | Gold Dress from Maggy London

Transform Your Look With a Dramatic Cape

The series of winter essentials continues. Today, we discuss a dramatic cape. A dramatic cape is something that is needed in your wardrobe when you want to stay warm but also make an attention-getting entrance.

A cape is both very elegant and practical; it’s bold and electrifying and completely enhances a look. When wearing a cape the perfect combination is pairing a dramatic cape with an evening dress; it’s a majestic way to add drama. Imagine this outfit with a long coat, instead of a cape; it has a completely different feel to it because a cape is unique while a coat is common.

The rich palette also plays a major role in this luxurious look. When selecting your own truly dramatic cape avoid a neutral color unless bold color isn’t your style. Still, I suggest venturing out and purchasing an alluring hue.

The cape I’m wearing in this outfit is a marvelous blue and gold is its perfect match. These two colors have a symbiotic relationship. The gold and blue don’t detract from each other but on the contrary work together to create a stunning ensemble. Also, the lining in this cape is a vivid royal purple. There’s something about a well made cape that sheer bliss.

How to Wear a Cape

When wearing a cape make sure the outfit underneath form fitting. Wearing something loose or baggy underneath will completely take away all of your flair. You can’t wear a large loose cape over large loose clothes; you will completely lose your figure.

Most of the capes that are sold are one size fits all. The cape I’ve worn before and the one in this outfit don’t have specific sizes they are meant to fit woman who are either short or tall.

I can’t wait to hear from you! How do you feel about capes?

Stay Stylish,

Photos: @peterlang. He says Hi!

PS. It was a lovely coincidence that my nail polish matched the inner lining of the cape.


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18 thoughts on “A Dramatic Cape

  • default avatar
    Carla Ginola

    Very nice post! your pictures are great x


  • default avatar

    Beautiful! Hope you had a great time in SF 🙂

  • default avatar
    Whitney V

    Beyond gorgeous cape and your hair is amazing!


    • default avatar

      Thank you Whitney!

  • default avatar

    Love your cape, the colour is absolutely gorgeous!


    • default avatar

      Thank you Arielle!

  • default avatar

    Your cape is a tiny bit too long for my taste. But the colour is amazing. I’m a big fan of this blue color. Wear it very often, cause I have some pretty royal blue dresses.

    xoxo Juliane

    • default avatar

      This color truly is stunning, I’m happy you like! Longer capes are great for evening outfit as It can be too dressy for daytime.

  • default avatar

    gorgeous cape!
    ladies in navy

    • default avatar

      Thank you Kelsey!

  • default avatar

    Although the color is pretty, I am not a fan of that cape. It reminds me of a graduation gown. I do, however, like the dress you are wearing underneath. I prefer shorter capes in general.



    • default avatar

      Capes do give off a gown vibe at times. The outfit is really key on keeping the outfit balanced. Glad you liked the dress =)

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    black is beautiful

    Love the outfit, the combination of the colours nude and royal blue es so lovely and the dress and the cape are so pretty, stunning.

    • default avatar

      I’m so happy you loved the color combo ad the outfit! Thank you!

  • default avatar

    Wow that blue color is amazing!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

    • default avatar

      Thank you, yes it’s a really bright cape and the color truly pops!

  • default avatar

    Fantastic cape!! You look great!


    • default avatar

      Thank you Ruzin!