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Over 30 Winter Outfits for Your Inspiration

Cute Winter Outfits

Winter outfits bring with them a myriad of challenges. How do you look stylish when you are layered up and completely covered? How best to dress for a 70-degree office when it is 30 degrees outside (we’ve got coat and scarf suggestions for that). And just what do you wear to the holiday party or family Christmas? I’ll attempt to solve your winter outfit problems with suggestions, style tips, and resources to make you look stylishly you!

From pants to dresses, sweaters to hats, coats to capes, I’ve got cute winter outfit ideas for you. If you have travel planned during these cold winter months, I’ve got numerous posts on excursions, from casual to formal, Yosemite to Europe. You can see how I dress for a grand venue or for outdoor winter wonderland.

Whether it is causal or formal, indoors or out, I’ll detail your must-have accessories and how to wear them, show you some new style combinations, and provide you with inspiration for on how to look stylish every day.

Winter Outfits Resource

You’ve landed on the page that will be your resource for stylish winter dressing. All the posts I’ve written about cold-weather fashion are below, listing winter outfit ideas, how to integrate new pieces into your wardrobe, how to wear specific items, and how to make the most of what you already own. Read on for a more stylish you.

Winter outfits tend to be much more subdued in color. Neutrals, like black/gray/brown, reign supreme, with some jewel tones added in for pops of color. Often, for ease of dress, I find that monochromatic outfits work well for winter. See how to make these work for you, get some suggestions for monochromatic outfits, and check out the post on an all-black winter outfit that is chic and warm at the same time.

I also love to wear winter white, which is a softer color that what I wear in the spring and summer. It’s more of an ivory or cream color, and it’s a nice alternative to the typical dark colors you see in winter outfits. You can find out how to wear winter white pants, and even how to wear white jeans in the winter. (There’s also a good post on wearing grey jeans, something you rarely see but that I find to be a nice complement to your everyday blue or black denim.)

It’s also a great time to rock a sweater dress, either to the office with heels or with leggings on the weekend. And speaking of sweaters, think about trying out a Fair Isle sweater during the holiday months, November and December. These colorful knits come in a variety of patterns, from simple to intricate, and can be super stylish if worn the right way.

Sweaters aren’t the only winter essentials that can keep you warm. I love hats and scarves, and have posts on a variety of both, from a bright red hat to a beanie, as well how to style plaid and oversized scarves. These are the best winter accessories to create cute winter outfits. All warm and fashionable at the same time! You’ll also need some good outerwear. Maybe a camel trench or a dramatic cape?

Now that those sandals have been retired, it’s time to bring on the boots. Boots are a must-have in winter months to combat the rain and the snow and to keep your feet warm and protected. Need some winter outfit ideas on how to wear boots? Make sure to read this post on 20 Stylish Ways to Wear Boots. Why not try some fashionable suede boots or a daring over-the-knee version?

Planning a getaway? I’ve got some stylish winter travel outfits, whether you are on a winter excursion to the Napa Valley, hiking in Yosemite, or on a vacation to Europe. And don’t forget that trip to the snow. Check out the cute snow boots I found!

Winter also brings with it the holidays. Find your perfect holiday outfit, see how to add some sparkle and glitz, and what to wear on a Christmas date (or to the office party).

No matter the occasion, I have some cute winter outfits, stylish accessories, and a few items that add dramatic flair to your winter wardrobe. Time to put your stylish best foot forward!

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