An Eye Catching Sequin Dress

Long Sleeve Sequined Dress - Stylishlyme

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Black Dress Black Blazer - Stylishlyme

Black Sequined Dress Outfit - Stylishlyme

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Black Sequined Dress - Stylishlyme

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Sequins At The Beach?

You know those times when you just want to leave the fancy party and take a walk along the beach?

That’s not what happened in this case but I’ve always wanted to wear something fancy to the beach, I thought it would make for some cool photos. So that’s exactly what we did. I wore this long sleeve sequin dress and menswear blazer and went to the beach. You know you can make anything into a special occasion if you dress up for it.

We spent last weekend in Monterey California, which explains the seaside outfit posts this week. We took advantage of the gorgeous sunny and warm days..

Why You Need a Sexy Sequined Dress

Sequins, just like over the knee boots, can easily go in a “bad” direction. Too much of a good thing can easily lose its style. Too much boot can lead to ill references and too much sequins can be too much but it’s all in how you style the piece.

Every flashy item is worn best when accompanied with a dose of good taste. Sequins can easily stray in the realm of over the top but can look marvelous in the right context. When wearing sequins I don’t go crazy with hair and makeup, I usually don’t anyways but you know what I mean. This look would have a completely different feel to it if I had my hair done and was wearing high heels and instead of sunglasses I wore a smoky eye with a bright red lip. Did you conjure up that mental picture? Not so stylish right?

Instead, I let the sequins be the main attraction and played everything else down. Hair in a messy low bun or ponytail, a pair of flats or barefoot and an over-sized menswear inspired blazer. All black of course because I have been on this black and white kick lately.

When wearing sequins remember this: the sequined piece is your focal point. The sequin shirt, dress or jacket is the loud piece of your outfit and you need to construct around it – selecting understated pieces that complement not distract.

How do you feel about Sequins? Like or love?

Stay Stylish,

PS. Valentine’s Day is coming up! Are you planning anything special?

Photos: @peterlang


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