How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

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What to Look for in Over the Knee Boots

Styling over the knee boots can be a tricky, tricky thing.

If you want to wear this domineering boot without looking like {insert your own reference of someone overly sexy here} then read on!

There are many styles of over the knee or thigh high boots available and in a variety of materials. When looking to add this closet staple to your winter outfits think classy and chic. Go black or brown.

Stick with a neutral so it won’t look cheap. Talking about money, these style of boots tend to be more pricey so select a color you will wear over and over again.

Go lux. Don’t buy patent or anything too shiny, instead go with a rich leather or soft suede.

In addition to the material and color also take into consideration the heel. Do you want a flat boot or one with a high or small heel? If you’re looking for a sensible size heel, I would suggest a mid height heel without a platform. Similar style to the ones I’m wearing.

How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

We’re going to focus on how to wear over the knee boots in a semi-casual way.

When wearing over the knee boots, one option could be to wear them with super skinny jeans.

There are two reasons why. First, you don’t want the jeans to bunch up inside of the boots, which would be very uncomfortable. Second, with so much boot going on you wouldn’t want to wear loose jeans as it would just be so overwhelming for the bottom half of your outfit, so keep it form fitting and sleek.

If you’re looking your boots to be the primary focus of your outfit keep everything else in your look; accessories and makeup, to a minimum. You don’t want too many things competing for attention.

This outfit has a rocker, badass feel to it. I particularly like it because this is generally not my style. I usually add something feminine into the mix but not this time. Completely unintentional but it’s another black and white winter outfit to add to my looks page.

If you’re wondering how to wear over the knee boots with a shirtdress check out, How to Wear a Shirtdress this Fall. And if you want to know how to style a variety of boots year-round you need to read the post 20 Stylish Ways to Wear Boots!

I hope this has answered your question, how to wear over the knee boots!

Stay Stylish,

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