Over the Knee Boots Outfit Part II

Thigh High Boots Outfit - Stylishlyme

Black Thigh High Boots and Black Skirt - Stylishlyme

Black Gray Outfit for Winter - Stylishlyme

Long Black Coat Thigh High Boots - Stylishlyme

Pleated Mini Skirt Thigh High Boots - Stylishlyme

Long Black Coat Black Boots Outfit - Stylishlyme

How I Wear Thigh High Boots – Part II

Last week I shared with you that I don’t often wear thigh high boots. But you know when you bring something out of your closet after not wearing it and it feels like new again? This is what happened with these boots. Actually this happens with lots of items in my closet. A sweater, shirt or pair of shoes will get buried in under a heap of clothes and then six months or a year later I re-discover the item and it’s like new.

Does this ever happen to you?

I also shared with you that I normally wear thigh high boots with skinny jeans and that I hadn’t worn them with a skirt or mini dress before. So, I took the challenge and decided to create a look with thigh high boots and a mini skirt, showing about 4-5 inches of skin.

It’s a simple look but something that I’m comfortable wearing. We took these photos in Carmel by the Sea, which is reason for the long coat- it was a bit cold.

Have you noticed the trend in my outfit posts? I can’t seem to let up on the black and white and sometimes gray looks. But don’t worry this will change as soon as I get some new spring clothing! I’ll be back to color mixing and blocking.

V day is 10 days away – what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Stay Stylish,

P.S. Get it? V day 😉


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9 thoughts on “Over the Knee Boots Outfit Part II

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    How I Wear Thigh High Boots – Part II – Best Boots Looks

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    the over the knee boots are my favorite shoe style in fashion outfits, they are so stylish and chic to wear with a lot of looks . You are so lovely here and the combination is perfect with this pretty and cute skirt.

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      Thank you Sandy!

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    I’m in love with your boots! Where did you buy them??

    Check out my blog: http://klaralindblad.devote.se

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    wow, those boots! i need them in my life!!


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    Very chic. Great boots.
    Adela x


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    What can I say? I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!



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    Great look! Love how you paired a sexy pair of over the knee boots with a casual top and covered up except for a few inches above the knee. Perfect balance.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.



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    I`m obssesed with those type of boots, I think these looks too sexy on anyone!! And yes sometimes it happens to me that when I clean my wardrobe found clothes that I even forgot that I got :p