An All Black Winter Outfit

all black winter outfit snow -

All black winter outfit -

black turtleneck black coat outfit -

black riding boots ariat -

black wool coat riding boots -

top bun snow hairstyle -

snowing in Sequoia National Park -

Wearing All Black In The Snow

Standing in snow with snow falling all around me brings me so much joy!

I first experienced snow when I was in college. Deprived of this beautiful white wonderland for more than half my life makes every second in it exciting. Not everyone loves the snow but it’s definitely my cup of tea.

We didn’t expect to see snow falling so it was an unexpected delight. As we drove up the misty mountain into the clouds the rain slowly evolved into snow flakes. We did the only thing we could do – pull over and play.

Though armed with only a wool coat and riding boots instead of waterproof jacket and snow boots – we played. My coat was wet and my hair damp by the end of taking these photos but I was as happy as a kid in Disneyland.

This was the all black outfit I wore into the national park – cozy, comfortable and chic. Riding boots: because they’re waterproof and won’t ruin in the water or snow.

I took an extra outfit with me to change into, this was the winter outfit to wear to the snow I shared with you before. I also mentioned that it’s essential to own a pair of snow boots if you plan on venturing out into the mystical land of Narnia =). Plain ol’ shoes just won’t do.

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Photos: @peterlang


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