5 Steps to Perfect Sexy Beachy Wavy Hair

5 steps to perfect beachy wavy hair - Visit Stylishlyme.com for the step by step hair tutorial5 Steps to Perfect Sexy Beachy Wavy Hair - Visit Stylishlyme.com for the details

How to Get Beachy Wavy Hair

When planning a beach vacation in San Diego, there are many things to look forward to sun, sand, waves, frozen treats, and plenty of fish tacos. In addition to packing plenty of bikinis, hats, and sunscreen I also packed my awesome curling wand from Irresistible Me to get the perfect beachy wavy hair.

I have pretty thick semi-wavy hair. It’s not super straight but not that wavy either. My hair is not dyed and is healthy. I just want to let you know the type of hair I have, so you can see how similar or different it is from your hair. As curling your hair when it’s dyed or very dry will give you different results from someone with natural undyed hair.

A problem that I’ve been having with getting beachy wavy hair is getting the curls to stay. Since my hair is so slick, the curls are gone by the end of the day but that problem has gone away since I started using the Sapphire Curler from Irresistible Me. With eight different barrel options, I can choose the barrel that’s going to give me tight curls that last more than one day.

Before getting the curling wand, I only used a large barrel curling iron. The curling wand in the pictures below is my first curling wand. I never bought one before because I thought they would be too difficult to use, but boy was I wrong.

Using the curling wand is very simple and creates curls that last all day. I think I will be using the curling wand more often.

In the simple five steps below I walk you through how you can get beachy wavy hair.

Beachy Wavy Hair in 5 Steps

Beachy Eavy Hair Tutorial on Stylishlyme.com

  1. With dry clean hair section off your hair into three parts. I start off at the bottom and work my way up. Using the curling wand start curling your hair. If you have long hair like me, you’re probably going to need to do it in two sections. I first curled the top part of the strand then moved to the bottom half of the strand. I tried to curl a small piece of hair all at once, but the curl came out loose and not very curly. So I decided the best option is to do the top part of the strand then move on to the bottom. Depending on how long your hair is you might want to do the same thing.
  2. Once you have all of your hair curled go back through and curl any straight ends you see. You want everything to be curly, leave no stray straight hair.
  3. Finger comb your hair to break up the curls. Work your fingers through all of your hair until there are no large chunks of hair. You want it to start looking like naturally wavy hair.
  4. I like to add some anti-frizz shine. I always use John Frida Secret Weapon; it is the best non-salon option. I love how light it is, and it never weighs my hair down. I use this “Secret Weapon” even when I’m not going for the beachy wavy hair.
  5. Lastly, I spritz on some texture spray so really give my hair that beachy look. I’m using the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray. There are plenty of surf sprays to choose from; another favorite is the surf spray Bumble and Bumble. Just use the one that you like best. I like the one from Kevin Murphy because it didn’t weigh down my hair or leave it feeling icky.

Products to get beachy wavy hair - Visit Stylishlyme.com to view the tutorial

I know what you may be thinking, why didn’t you just go to the beach and let nature give you beachy wavy hair? Well, because it just doesn’t work for me. My hair does not look 100 times sexier when I’m at the beach it’s quite the opposite, it gets tangled and dirty. Never have I once left the beach thinking that my hair got that perfect beachy waves to it. Personally, I always thought that everyone was just lying and that they did their hair before going to be beach because there was no way your hair could look that good. But everyone’s hair is different.

I hope this post give all you gals with long semi straight hair inspiration to give beachy wavy hair a try! I don’t wear my hair like this often but when I do I LOVE IT!

Stay Stylish,

P.S. If you have long hair like I do you might want to check out 10 Braids for Long Hair That You’ll Love


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3 thoughts on “5 Steps to Perfect Sexy Beachy Wavy Hair

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    Great post. Beach waves are perfect for the summer. And I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and healthy your hair looks. It’s amazing.

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    Wow, this is a really useful guide, I have tried the steps and it works really well. Thanks to you, I got the perfect beachy hair.

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    Robin Sparks

    awesome look! i have been looking at the perfect get up for the beach in The Beauty Insiders and all I need is the perfect hairstyle. lucky for me to stumble upon this article! I think my girlfriends are going to be jealous 🙂