Side Braid Bun Hair Tutorial

side bun braid long hair tutorial - Stylishlyme

Side Braid Bun Tutorial - Stylishlyme

Side Bun Braid Hair Tutorial - Stylishlyme

Long Hair Tutorials

These hair tutorial posts are perfect for those who want or need a guide to style long hair.

With my hair, I’m always looking for long hair tutorials but haven’t had much luck uncovering guides that worked for me. So after many requests I’m sharing with you weekly hair tutorials, hair tips and advice.

Long Hair Side Braid Bun Tutorial



Start all of these braid hairstyle with clean, dry and untangled hair. Use a wide tooth comb to untangle your hair.

  1. Begin with the front top right side of your head and separate the hair into three sections then start braiding.
    (*How to french braid your hair: Take your three sections so that two strands are held in one hand and the third strand is head in your opposite hand. Create a few rows of a regular braid by taking the strand on the right and crossing it over the center. Then take the strand from the left and cross it over to the center. Before repeating your cross-over motion, gather a little bit of additional hair from the top side, and add it to this section; now cross this larger portion of hair over the middle section of the braid. Than repeat.)
  2. Continue braiding across the back of your head so the braid goes diagonally across your head. You want to braid to have a slight curve to it.
  3. You are done braiding when you reach the bottom left (opposite side) of your head.
  4. Secure the rest of your hair left with a hair band.
  5. Twirl and wrap your hair into a bun around the base of your ponytail. Secure the bun and loose hairs with bobby pins.
  6. Finish your side braid bun with aerosol hairspray and smooth down the hair where necessary.

Depending how much hair you have after your braid for your ponytail will determine how large of a bun you’ll have. If you have short hair you can tease your hair to create a fuller bun. If you have long hair, like I do, you don’t need to tease your hair too much because the bun will be large.

Leave me a comment or tweet me a photo if you try this hair style! Of course let me know if you have any questions.

Let me know if there are any specific hair tutorials you would like to see.

Stay Stylish,

PS: Check out 10 Braids for Long Hair that you’ll love for more braid inspiration.


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