21 Braids for Long Hair with Step by Step Tutorials!

21 Braids for Long Hair that You'll Love!

Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are tons of ways you can style your hair when it’s long; the updo and easy braid hairstyle options are endless.

I have long hair, and even after recently cutting off 5 inches it’s still pretty long. I always keep my hair long, the last time it was shoulder length was when I was in high school!

I tend to get caught up in a routine of just putting my hair up in a ponytail or wearing it wavy and loose, but in an effort to try and style my hair in different ways—braided hairstyles in particular—I wanted to share 21 braids for long hair that I think you’ll love!

These hairstyles range from easy hair braids to difficult and some braids will need an extra set of hands to start or complete a braid hairstyle (but it is oh-so-worth-it). I’m lucky enough to have several hair stylists in my family, so I get to share with you all of the long hair braids they do on me.

I find it best when doing most braids for long hair to start with clean and dry hair. Then, depending on the braided hairstyle you choose, you may need some product (gel, mousse, hairspray, etc.). For example, in the loop braid, you’ll see below, my hair had to be slightly damp and I also used mousse to help keep it smooth. Some braids will call for hairspray while some just a spray shine, but often the products depend on your type of hair. If your hair is very soft and sleek you might have to use hairspray to keep it in place. I have natural hair, so I need products to keep it in place.

21 Braids for Long Hair Step-by-Step Tutorials

These braids for long hair range from full-on updos, to side braids, to cute and easy hair braids. The first five braids listed below are my own braid tutorials, then I spent hours and days on the internet looking for the very best braid hairstyles for long hair to include in this guide. As you know I take personal style and looking your best very seriously so I don’t just list braids hairstyle here just to do a list post. I believe that you can dress nice and look stylish every day and that includes a cute hairstyle.

I included a variety of types of braids in this guide, from fishtail braids to french braids, simple three-strand braids, dutch braids, a waterfall braid. Depending on your level of experience with braids you can select the braid that you are most comfortable with first. As you continue to do different braid hairstyles you’ll get better and better at them.

This guide includes a variety of braids for long hair so you have options for different occasions. You could wear the Swedish Crown Braid to a weekend festival and the side french braid bun to a fancy dinner.

Click on the braid title below to get individual instructions for each long hair braid tutorial. I hope these braids for long hair inspire you to try something different next time you style your hair. If this is something new for you then start by trying it out during the weekend when you have slightly more time to get ready.

Braids for Long Hair

1. Side Braid Bun Hair Tutorial

This is a slightly less complicated version of the Side French Braid Bun. Rather than a full braided bun, only one side is braided and then swept into a chic side bun. Very elegant and perfect for weddings and formal affairs. This is a cute braid hairstyle that you can wear in the summer because all of your hair is completely up. Depending on your outfit and where you are going with this braided hairstyle you can add some cute accessories to add a bit more personality or color to this hairstyle.

cute braided hairstyles for long hair

2. Upside Down French Braid Bun Hair Tutorial

This is one braid hairstyle for long hair that could use an extra set of hands. While you can do it yourself, you will tend to get a messier look, as your head is upside down and you cannot see what you are doing. But this is a great summer look to keep the hair off your neck. Tuck in a fresh flower for fun!

side braids for long hair

3. Side French Braid Bun Hair Tutorial

This is a nice (braided) twist on a basic bun, with an elegant side part. You can make your braid as tight or loose as you want, depending on the occasion or thickness of your hair, and the second pair of hands can be useful on this style as well. I love love love how sleek this long braid hairstyle looks. It’s chic but still cute. I would wear this braided hairstyle on a date with my husband with a beautiful midi dress or with a striped shirtdress for a day wine tasting with friends.

long braids hairstyle

4. Swedish Crown Braid

This beautiful braided hairstyle is perfect for summer days when the temperature is hot and you want a cute way to put your hair up. Instead of the same ponytail, try the Swedish crown braid for fun. I think this is such a cute braided hairstyle and it’s great if you have thick hair because you can wear it up like in this hairstyle but without the headache. This is a great hairstyle to wear with your Cute Summer Outfits.

cute braided hairstyles

5. Loop Braid Hair Tutorial

This dramatic braid works best on very long hair. The technique involves braiding both thick and thin strands at the same time to achieve a thick center braid framed by a thin outer braid. Looking very much like Celtic knotwork, it is much simpler to achieve than you think!

braid hairstyles for long hair

6. Big Side Braid Hair Tutorial

This braided hairstyle gives the illusion of thicker hair, due to pinching and pulling once it’s complete. For added panache, you can curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron. You can achieve this large braided ponytail even if you have thinner hair just make sure to add texture balm to keep it together. If it looks like I have a lot of hair, it’s because I do, this side braid is great for people with long and thick hair.

Long Hair Braids Source

7. DIY Messy Fishtail Braid

What I love about this more casual braid hairstyle is that it’s hard to make a mistake! Pull just a bit of hair out, or make a wider braid by pulling out more. It’s also an equal opportunity braid, working on both thin and thicker hair.

cute braids for long hair Source

8. Waterfall Braid Hairstyle for Long Hair

This beautiful hairstyle provides a braid crown, starting on one side and ending at the other. Great for keeping your hair off your face, it is elegant and can be worn to work, play or for a more formal occasion, such as a summer wedding. This easy braid hairstyle is great if you want to keep the majority of your hair down and keep it pretty simple. Usually, when you think of long braids you assume that all your hair will be up or away from your face, this is a great example of an alternative.

cool braids for long hairSource


This is an easy-to-do braid that can look smooth and chic or slightly messy, depending on the occasion. All you need is a few clips to keep things in place as you braid away! With this long braid make sure to keep the flyaways in place and use enough product to emphasize the hair strands. If you have thick, natural and dark hair as I do, it can be easy for a braid to lose its dimension. To avoid this issue make sure to use hairspray and add shine so your hair looks shiny and the different braid strands stand out.

hair braids for long hairSource


This elegant braided updo may take a bit of time, but is so worth the effort. Side braids are joined by one back braid into a bun, with side hair then twisted and wrapped around.This is a very romantic braided updo and works for a wedding or romantic date night. Pair this long hair braided updo with a gorgeous dress and you’re good to go.

braid hairstyles for long hair step by stepSource


Inspired by the traditional French twist, this easy (and slightly messy) long braid needs no second pair of hands, just some bobby pins to keep it in place. As a traditional french twist is very sleek and tight, this casual braided updo is a perfect alternative to this hairstyle.

cool hair braidsSource


Super simple, this braided hairstyle is labeled “elegant and organic.” With a slightly higher crown, it pairs perfectly with a one-shouldered top or dress!

braids for long thick hair Source


This low messy bun is framed by two small braids on either side of the face. Appropriate for the office, weekend, or date night, this easy updo will look boho chic and keep you cool on hot summer days.

easy braids for long hairSource


This hairstyle is a quick and easy braid and ponytail combination. It looks professional and fun and is perfect for days when you want your hair out of your face, but are running short on time.

easy braid styles Source

15. Simple Knot Braid

This is a quick and simple braided hairstyle that tends to work better visually if you have thinner hair. You also have the option of widening the braid once finished, like a fishtail braid. Versatile, fun, and appropriate for almost any occasion.

braided updos for long hairSource


I love this look for weddings, and it would be perfect for an afternoon garden party. This simple, and slightly messy, braided hairstyle gets a subtle pop of color that adds a bit of elegance, whether it matches your bridesmaid dress or a pretty floral frock.

braid hairstyles for long hair Source


A small braided headband frames out an easy low bun for a slightly boho look. This cute braided hairstyle can be done with straight hair, or as the tutorial shows, with some simple wavy curls.

fun braidsSource

16. Double Dutch Braid for Long Hair

This is such a cute and easy everyday braided hairstyle. This low braided bun is not only an easy braid but it works for a fun day handing out with friends to a fun date night with your significant other.

Fish tail half braid for long hairSource

17. Double Twist Fish Tail Long Hair Braid

I love that this braid looks a little dressed up. It’s a fancier style of a half up half down hairdo. The double twist adds a little extra oomph to this long braid hairstyle.

braids for long hairSource

18. Long Hair Side Braid

Here is another side braid for long hair but this one is a fishtail braid. If you have tried fishtail braids before you might know that they take a little longer than a regular three-strand braid. Even though it does take a little longer I love this style of braid especially if you have long hair because it has that extra oomph.

braids for long hairSource

19.Cross Long Hair Braid

This braid for long hair has a little criss-cross and waterfall action going on. This is a cute braided hairstyle to wear if you want to keep the majority of your hair down and want a little extra instead of just pulling it back. If you wear this hairstyle with a nice dress or fun summer look it will make a very stylish outfit.

side braids for long hairSource

20.Long Hair Side Braid

This is one of the more difficult braid hairstyles for long hair on this list because it’s made with four strands instead of three. I love how this side braid goes from the front left to the bottom right side of your head.

Fishtail Braided BunSource

21. Ponytail Long Hair Braid

Here is another fun low ponytail braid to try. This braid has a really nice balance because it has a thin little braid then larger loops going out on either side.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried one of these braid hairstyles for long hair before! If you have any braids for long hair that you’d like to submit to include in this roundup just leave me a comment!

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    I tend to get caught up in a routine of just putting my hair up in a ponytail or wearing it wavy and loose, but in an effort to try and style my hair


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