How Short Women Can Pull Off the Midi Dress

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The 5 Rules To Follow When Wearing a Midi Dress

Today, I will prove to you that short girls can indeed wear a midi dress.

While researching the midi dress I found out a lot of information stating that it’s hard to wear the midi dress length and some mentioned that you should not wear a midi dress or skirt at all. For example, Lauren Conrad’s blog mentioned that shorter gals should avoid this length altogether and stick to a dress or skirt that hits right above or below the knee.

I know it’s easy to look frumpy in a dress that hits mid-calf. I thought, “there has to be a way that I could pull off the midi dress”.

Generally speaking, when you want to appear slimmer you’ll want pieces to end at the slimmer part of your body. A great example of this rule is the cropped jacket which ends at your waist rather than wearing a longer jacket that ends at your hips. The cropped jacket emphasizes the slimmest parts.

In case you were wondering, the term “midi” is a dress or skirt length that is halfway between the knee and ankle (mid-calf).

Here are the 5 rules I follow when wearing a midi dress.

1. Select a length that is slightly above mid-calf: This dress actually creates the perfect illusion of a longer dress. The metallic dress underneath the mesh ends above mid-calf but the mesh ends slightly below mid-calf which helps distribute the fabric. If you can find a similar midi dress, I recommend it. You don’t want the midi dress to end exactly at mid-calf, which is the thickest part, rather just above it, which is a little slimmer.
2. Wear sexy strapped heeled sandals: To elongate the leg and combat the stumpy look that a midi dress might give wear high strapped heels. I’m referring to sexy minimal heel sandals that give you height without the extra weight of a clumpy shoe.
3. Go for a lighter fabric (like mesh): You want to select a fabric that is light doesn’t add much weight to your figure. Search for a layered dress, like the midi dress I’m wearing in this post. This metallic dress with the mesh window pane pattern layered over it gives the outfit a light and airy feel. This openness helps me avoid looking short and stocky.
4. Cinch in the waist with a belt: You don’t want to wear a midi dress without giving your waist definition, you’ll look like a short block of fabric. Make sure the midi dress you choose looks flattering with a waist belt.
5. Select a A-line silhouette. It is universally flattering and is the perfect silhouette every body type. Make sure to look for A-line silhouettes when selecting a midi dress. Why not, right? It accentuates your waist and flares out at the bottom to create a simple and elegant style.

The other thing I look for in a midi dress is that it’s simple and elegant.

My favorite style of dresses are those that offer elegance without the need for much accessories. These pieces are eye-catching even without accessories to make it stand out.

I hope this has helped my shorter readers feel confident enough to give midi dresses a try. Don’t be afraid to try a style out and make it your own, even when most say you should avoid it. If you love it, fantastic. If you don’t, at least you gave it a try and scratched the curiosity itch.

Let me know if you think I pulled of the midi dress. I’d love to hear how you feel about midi dresses.

Stay Stylish,

Photos: @peterlang

PS: The fabulous dress I’m wearing in this post is from Donna Morgan.

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Outfit Details:

  • Midi Dress gifted from Donna Morgan
  • Clutch gifted from Magid
  • Heels from BCBG

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    beautiful… gorgeous collection.. keep it up

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    Wow.. very nice..beautiful dress. love it

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    Onsolutly outrageously, beautiful I have never seen clothes like this living in a small Village now once city, but still would love to have one of those full skirt mid calf dresses!

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    The metallic dress underneath the mesh ends above mid-calf but the mesh ends slightly below mid-calf which helps distribute the fabric.

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    Very nice.. beautifull dress.. love the black color.

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    Dark Sarcasm

    I’m sorry my friend, but this plain, dull looking woman looks pathetic in that over styled outfit and the height of the heels looks ridiculous with the ugly dress. Could you possibly have found a more unholy trinity than that black cosplay looking mess of a dress, the unappealing woman and those ugly shoes?

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    My word you did you look gorgeous and slim.
    Thank you for the article I want going to buy a mid length dress being detured by hight.
    Do you think being 5’2 I can pull this off too? Anyone else feel free to comment on the dress I like

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    I agree with you completely. A very well written article. Black is such a trendy and gorgeous color.

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    that dress is sizzling hot, it looks trendy and very gorgeus.

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    The dress is beautiful !

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    Katherine Luna

    Omg this is the best thing I’ve seen all day! I’m obsessed with midi dresses, but as a petite girl I always thought they’d swallow me up. Thanks so much for the tips! You look amazing and I will definitely be putting these tips into action. 🙂

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    The Fashion Panda

    Thanks for sharing those tips ! You look gorgeous !

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    Such a great post, and OMG how gorgeous and chic you are !
    Love your dress and shoes !

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    You wear that dress beautifully!

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    Such a beautiful dress, love this look!

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    Beautifully styled! That is a gorgeous little black dress.
    Our party dresses would be stunning on you. Let me know if you’re looking for any holiday dresses. Would love to collaborate with you!


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    love the dress! You look so pretty!

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    This dress is beyond gorgeous on you and these are some great pointers!

    Heidi D.

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    This dress looks fantastic on you! I love the first picture!

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    Wow, gorgeous outfit and the tips are so helpful! Thanks for sharing! x

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    These are great tips, and I will keep them in mind! I love the mesh-like fabric of this dress. It makes it stand out more, and it’s so chic!

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    Gorgeous!! you are stunning!! this dress is so lovely!! kisses!!