Side French Braid Bun – Hair Tutorial

Side French Braid Bun Hair Tutorial -

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If you have long hair – use it to your advantage by creating a large braided bun. I love simple and sleek buns, I wear my hair in a bun at least twice a week. But sometimes it’s nice to bring a new twist to a normal bun.

The funny thing about this specific bun was that my aunt was just trying something out and it ended up looking pretty nice so we decided to share this hairstyle with you in a tutorial. This style of braid can really enhance the fullness of your hair.

This is a great hairstyle to try as we go into spring and a definite must try for the summer.

Summer months here in California are brutal, due to the heat, so I wear my hair up most of the time. The hair styles I’ll share with you over the next weeks are all hairstyles I will wear over the summer.

Scroll down to see the step-by-step guide to create this side french braid bun.

braided bun hair tutorial -

side french braid bun long hair tutorial -

side french braid bun -

How To Do a Side French Braid Bun


Start this braid tutorial with clean, dry and untangled hair. It’s best to use a wide tooth comb to untangle your hair.

  1. Part your hair on your preferred side. In this example, we parted my hair on the left side and had my hair going right. Grab a section of your hair in the front right and separate it off into three equal parts.
  2. Once you have your three strands start braiding your hair diagonally towards the back of your head. This will give the braid a nice curve instead of having it go straight back.
  3. This french braid will be along the right side of your head so you want to grab the sections of hair, for your french braid, from either side. Continue braiding until you reach the back middle of your head.
  4. You will have to grab and smooth your hair from the left side of your head to create a nice clean braid. Start a normal three strand braid and start to twist and braid your hair creating a bun.
  5. Continue braiding and twisting, this will create the large braided bun.
  6. Once you have reached the end of your hair, where you can braid no more, tie the end with a hair tie.
  7. Grab the end of your hair and secure it around the braided bun with bobby pins. Secure where you see fit and so no loose hair is peaking out. Make sure the bun is sturdy enough so it won’t fall. Spray on some aerosol hairspray, smooth with a styling comb and you’re done!

Let me know what other hairstyles you would like to see!

Stay Stylish,

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Photos: @peterlang and @milnephotography


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