My Spring Hair Care & Styling Routine

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Spring Hair Care Routine

With the change from one season to the next comes the adjustment of our daily routines. For example, you might change your alarm clock to wake you up one hour earlier in the spring to complete a morning workout in preparation for summer. You might opt for lighter eyeshadows for a more barefaced beauty look or you might change your face and hand lotion to adjust for the shift in temperatures. Specifically, the winter to spring transitions can be drastic and depending on your spring schedules you may completely change your morning routine or adjust slightly.

One routine that changes for me come springtime is my hair care. I make sure to start the spring season with a haircut. Mine was a little late this year – just got it two weeks ago!

My readers have asked many questions about my hair care and routine. From how I style it to how I keep it looking so healthy. Though my hair care routine changes from one season to the next, the way I style my hair doesn’t really change with the seasons. What does change is; the shampoo, conditioner, treatments and shine I use.

The spring and summer heat can damage your hair so it’s important to keep it hydrated and treated. Trips to the beach and dips in the pool can dry your hair drastically. My favorite drugstore shampoo is the Pantene Daily Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal; it does exactly what it states. It keeps your hair moisturized, soft and shiny without it feeling too heavy.

The conditioner I use must keep my hair silky soft and not make it so heavy that it weighs it down. This might surprise you but one of my favorite springtime conditioners is the Pantene Expert AgeDefy Conditioner. You might be thinking, “Vanessa you know you’re supposed to be using the same type of shampoos and conditioners”. But well, I like to mix it up with Pantene since all of their products work so well together. One of the things I’m very picky about is my conditioner. I switch to this conditioner in the spring and summer because it adds extra moisture and softness to my hair without that icky feeling caused by too much product. You know how having too much product in your hair can really make you have a bad hair day.

The spring season is also the beginning of sun damage. To protect my hair, I also change my hair treatments. I use the Pantene 60 Second Therapy Ampoules towards the end of spring to give my hair life again. This quick and easy hair treatment makes your hair feel like a dream, just like those Pantene commercials!

After shampooing, conditioning, and sometimes treating I blow dry and style my hair. I sometimes let me hair air dry but when I don’t have the time I use a blowdryer. I use a large barrel curling iron to create soft loose curls. I separate my hair into three sections and curl from the bottom up. Once I’m done, I add a couple of spritz of the Karagloss Oil Mist for some incredible shine and I’m good to go!

Please let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about my spring hair care!

Stay Stylish,

PS. I know my blowdryer is tiny! It’s the one I use to travel with – my everyday blowdryer broke! If you have any suggestions for a good blowdryer please let me know.

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7 thoughts on “My Spring Hair Care & Styling Routine

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    You tips are so useful for us!

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    Thanks for sharing your routine! Can’t wait to try it! I have really straight hair and I like some volume every now and then by donning on a few waves. 🙂

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    Your hair looks so pretty! What size/brand of iron do you use?

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    Your hair is just amazing. Is this your natural hair color?

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      Thank you Daiva! Yes it is my natural hair color, I stopped dying it since my first year of college.

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    Ahh your hair is absolutely perfect!