Casual and Stylish Road Trip Travel Wear

blue tank and olive green military jacket, Stylish Travel Wear -

Stylish Travel Wear

Whenever you’re in the car for a prolonged period of time you want to be comfortable. It’s not a good idea to wear uncomfortable shoes, pants or shirts.

I previously shared with you 6 Tips to stay stylish on a road trip. Where I covered 6 important tips to make the most out of your road trip outfit and look stylish too!

Keeping some of those points in mind here’s another stylish and comfortable outfit to wear while roadtripping it!

Of course flats are a must with most travel wear. Chances are there won’t be much need for heels on a road trip, practicality triumphs sexy heels when you’re spending 5 plus hours in the car.

Second point to keep in mind is layers. When planning your travel wear make sure that layers, along with flats, is at the top of your list!

I usually wear a tank top and layer a denim or military style jacket over the top. Integrating layers into your travel wear is good because if you’re hot you can always take off your jacket and if you’re cold leave it on.

Also, you might be leaving a warm place and arriving at a colder location so it’s best to be prepared.

In this case we were leaving Las Vegas which was relatively warm and arriving home which was in the 50’s.

This time instead of black leggings I wore white skinny jeans and I added a bit of sparkle with the sequined tank top.

I actually bought this tank top at Rue21. My little sister has been shopping there a lot and they have so many cute tank top for such a low price. You’ll be seeing more once summer begins.

Las Vegas Detour

These photos were taken at the road right before entering Calico Ghost Town. You see the signs on the way to Las Vegas.

I convinced Peter to take a quick detour and finally stop at the ghost town. But before even entering we saw a long stretch of road that would make the perfect backdrop for this road trip outfit. The road was pretty quiet without many cars driving by, this is the main reason we were able to take these photos in the middle of the road.

Stay Stylish,

white, blue and olive green outfit -

Casual road trip travel wear- white jeans, military jacket and sequined tank

Calico ghost town California

Olive green tieks flats and white jeans -

white jeans and olive green jacket - casual road trip outfit

blue sequined tank top, white jeans and olive green flats


White jeans from LOFT / Olive Green Flats gifted from Tieks / Burberry Sunglasses gifted from Ditto / Sequined Tank {tons of options} from Rue21 / Military Green Jacket from Lily & Violet


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