No White After Labor Day

All white outfit for Labor Day. Find out of the

All White Outfit

I bet you’re probably wondering what to wear for this Labor Day weekend, so what’s better than an all white outfit since you can’t wear it after!

I decided to wear as much white as I could before Labor day. This “official” end of summer is known for marking the end of summer white outfits. It also marks a three day mini vacation, yay!

I’m going to tell it as it is, wearing all white is very risky and a lot of work! You have to be extra careful when eating, you’re always watching where you sit to make sure it’s clean, you can’t lean up against the car because it’s dusty, and if you get one spot of dirt on your outfit the whole world will notice. I know it sounds a little extreme but that’s exactly how I felt when wearing this all white look.

I don’t wear all white often because I have to be extra careful since I spill a lot. Just ask Peter.

No White after Labor Day

Many of you have heard about the “no white after Labor Day” rule, I think everyone in the English speaking language knows that rule, and even a few that don’t speak English. I’ve heard it again and again and it wasn’t until now that I’ve decided to do a little research to find out what started all this.

What’s interesting, there is no one straight answer. There are many reasons why people believe you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day.

Here is what I’ve found:

  • White is a summer color and since Labor Day unofficially marks the end of summer you can no longer wear white. In 1894 Labor Day became a US federal holiday and it eventually was accepted as the end of summer fashion and beginning of Fall outfits.
  • Before climate control aka AC, white was worn during the summer as a way to stay cool. Lighter fabrics and white made for a fresher summer. Once summer was over the light clothes were put away and darker fall clothing were worn.
  • In the early 1920’s when the wealthy left the city for summer vacations they wore white resortwear, think white linen suits and Panama hats. The light summer clothing were the color of choice and not only served as a fashion statement but also a symbolic separation from the dark colors of often worn by the working class. Once Labor Day came the vacation was over and so their summer attire was retired.

The truth is, the white after labor day doesn’t really apply anymore. You can wear white after Labor Day and not be shunned by high society.

Try to integrate white in your fall and winter wardrobe with a white blazer. This is not the last time you’ll see this white blazer, I will wear it this fall and winter. To make the white blazer season appropriate it can be paired with a black or gray knit turtleneck with dark denim.

You can even transition white pants into fall. Pair your favorite white jeans with a pair of suede boots and large knit sweater and you’ve got an appropriate and stylish fall outfit.

What ever the clothing maybe make sure you pair it with season appropriate pieces that help bring the white pieces into your fall or winter outfits.

Do you dare to wear white after Labor Day? Let me know in the comments!

Stay Stylish,

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