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5 Tips for Stylish Wine Tasting Attire
When taking a vacation to Napa Valley California there are many choices to make. You need to consider where you’ll stay, which wineries you’ll visit, the time of year you’ll go, and what you’ll pack. Wine tasting attire in not necessarily difficult, you just need ... VIEW THE POST
What to wear with black denim
How to Dress Up Black Denim Jeans – Chic Outfit
Black denim is a style that can easily be dressed up. Think of them as the black trousers evil twin. They are the pants that we would prefer to wear but we’re stuck with trousers. VIEW THE POST
The Must-Have Spring Cliché – The Floral Print Dress
t’s spring and what immediately comes to mind? Florals, pastels, sundresses and laser cut details. Yes, these might be cliches but there’s a cyclical urge to want to wear pretty floral print dresses and delicate skirts. Right? VIEW THE POST
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What to Wear in Italy – 5 Tips to Look Stylish in Florence
Is there anything more wonderful than hopping on a plane and jetting off to somewhere fabulous? For the fashion conscious woman there may be no better trip than to head to Italy. Home to amazing architecture, beautiful food, beautiful people and beautifully designed houses, Italy ... VIEW THE POST
How to Add Glam to Your Everyday Outfits
How to Add Glam to Your Everyday Outfits
Adding a bit of glitz to your everyday style doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Today I’ll share with you some easy style tips you can use to incorporate glam into your everyday. VIEW THE POST
Fall Hat Outfit Post - Visit for more outfit inspiration and style tips
A Stylish Way to Wear a Fedora Hat this Fall & Winter
Have you recently bought a fedora hat and you're trying to figure out what to wear it with? Or have you had one for sometime you're just finding the perfect place to wear it to? Let me tell you there is no need to wait. ... VIEW THE POST