How to Dress Up Black Denim Jeans – Chic Outfit

dressing up a casual tank top with black denim and embellished heels

Gotta Love Black Denim

Black denim is a style that can easily be dressed up. Think of them as the black trousers evil twin. They are the pants that we would prefer to wear but are stuck with trousers.

When you don’t want to wear trousers replace them with crisp black jeans. Black jeans are a little more sexy, fitted, and comfortable. I sometimes choose to wear black denim over pants in everyday office outfits.

Since the color black immediately gives off a polished and put together feel, transitioning your black denim from casual to dressy can easily be achieved with a few clothing swaps.

My Semi-Dressy Black Denim Outfit

In this outfit, I paired my black denim with a black blazer, casual tank top and embellished heels. I wouldn’t wear this outfit to the office, but it’s something that I would wear to dinner or drinks with friends.

The item that makes this outfit look very “dressy” is the black embellished heels and blazer. If I were to swap the heels for a pair of flats or sandals, the outfit would have an entirely different feel to it.

Pairing black denim with heels, especially super high, black, embellished heels, will immediately dress up your jeans.

I didn’t want this outfit to be too dressy so instead of wearing a flowy printed blouse I borrowed one of Peter’s tank tops. It’s from Billabong, and you can find lots of similar styles on their website. This tank top works so well with the outfit because it’s pattern, pop of color, and casual feel that balances the blazer and heels.

Also, I went with a pair of distressed denim jeans which complimented the casual tank top. But the outfit would still work if I went with a pair of non-distressed denim. It’s all about finding balance.

Most of the time prefer minimal looks hence the lack of accessories.

Stay Stylish,

pairing a tank top with blazer

what to wear with platform heels - black denim jeans, black blazer and tank top

How to dress up black denim with embellished platform heels

dressing up an everyday outfit -

How to Dress Up Black Denim Jeans (pair them with embellished heels

Black embellished platform heels -


Black Blazer from Theory / Embellished heels gifted by DSW Shoes / Black Jeans from LOFT / Tank top from Billabong {Lots of styles}


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