How to Wear Fringe Boots

Brown Fringe Boots Outfit

Perfect Fall Transition Outfit

Brown Fringe Suede Boots

Brown Leather Jacket

Wearing Fringe Boots

Brown Jacket Outfit

Gorgeous Countryside Landscape

Fringe Boots Outfit

Fringe Boots

Cream Knitted Sweater

Boots gifted from Naughty Monkey

String Theory

Whether on bags, boots or belts, fringe immediately brings country chic to an outfit. At times fringe can be a little difficult to wear depending on the item and the look you are going for. If you want to look like you’re heading to the rodeo than by all means pile on the fringe and maybe even throw on a cowboy hat.

As you can see in this outfit I wanted to bring in just a little bit of the countryside charm. The key piece in this look were these Naughty Monkey fringe boots. A cream knitted sweater with a brown leather jacket and jeans delivers the subtle country feel throughout the outfit.

The countryside was the perfect place to shoot this post. Hope you like the gorgeous backdrop.

Have you or are you planning on wearing fringe? Would love to read what you think in the comments!

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Photos: @peterlang


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