Stylish White Jeans Outfit & 5 Important White Jeans Styling Tips

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I really like white denim, whether it’s a pair of white jeans or a casual jacket, I love putting togehter a stylish white jeans outfit year round. Both are versatile and pair with any color, any time of year. (Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day!)

White denim jeans are one of those wardrobe staples that I can’t live without. I’ve written several posts on the subject, pairing them with a variety of tops, jackets, shoes and handbags. Check out “16 Stylish Ways to Wear White Jeans” and you’ll see what I mean.


As I mentioned, white jeans can be paired with almost anything, but because we were at a lake, I chose a subtle nautical theme. The blue-and-white striped boatneck tee is an updated version of what French Breton sailors used to wear. I topped it off with a light-wash denim cropped jacket, black ballet flats, and dark sunglasses.

I like the light blue of the jacket as a contrast to the deep navy of the stripes in the shirt. It also keeps the color palette relatively light and perfect for the day we had. Each item is a classic in itself, and all are versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched with other items while traveling, making packing a bit easier.

These classic pairings make the outfit timeless. It wouldn’t be out of place 10 years ago and it will still be fashionable 10 years from now. This is why you should always invest in a base wardrobe of classics. You’ll get much more use out of them in the long run, not to mention they can still be paired with items of clothing that are on trend now.

When these four classic items are combined they create a classic and stylish white jeans outfit that works year round.


While wearing white of any kind tends to be verboten during the winter months, that style rule has fallen by the wayside in the last decade or so. There’s no reason you can’t rock a pair of white jeans in November or February (or December and January, for that matter).

Denim is a hardy material and holds up well in colder months. You can pair them with a long-sleeve colorful tee and cozy white-and-black oversized cardigan or try a light gray turtleneck and black leather biker jacket. Swap out the flats for a pair of knee-high boots, booties, or even ankle boots. In fact, if you can wear it with blue denim jeans, you can probably wear it with white denim jeans as well.

The advantage of white denim over blue is that it tends to look dressier than blue jeans. Pair white jeans with a frilly blouse and tall sexy heels for date night. Top it off with a belted coat for warmth and you’re ready to go. Or, if you like a wintery scarf, check out this white jeans outfit I wore cozy scarf and turtleneck.

Springtime is the perfect season for white jeans. There is still a bit of chill in the air, often making pants a required item. White pairs well with the soft pastels of spring. Dress them down with a pair of white sneakers, t-shirt and lightweight jacket or cardigan, or dress it up with a silk blouse and a pair of wedges.

When summertime rolls around, your white jeans will pair perfectly with a tank top and sandals, or a flirty halter top and embellished sandals.

For fall, check out this outfit post on how to wear white skinny jeans in the fall for inspiration.

The pairings are really only limited by your imagination. In fact, I’d venture to guess that 80% of the tops and blouses you own can be worn with your white jeans! As for shoes, unless they are heavy and clunky, most sandals, tennis shoes, flats, and heels will work well with a skinny pair of white denim pants.

Speaking of skinny…


White pants of any kind can be somewhat unflattering. They often make individuals look wider than they really are. Don’t despair; just follow these tips to look your stylish best.

1. The fit of the jeans should be near perfect. Not too tight, not baggy. A mid-rise, straight leg white denim jean is your best bet. If you can rock the skinny ankle pant, by all means, do so, but most women should stick to something more classic. For summer, you might want to invest in a cropped white jean, one that ends just two or three inches above the ankle.

2. The material of white jeans is also an important consideration. While stretch denim is currently covering everyone’s derriere, you need to be careful with white jeans. Stick to a higher percentage of cotton in your white denim, 95% and above. This will allow you a bit of stretch, but not so much that it pulls and puckers, which on white pants is not a flattering look. And make sure to double check that the material is very thick, some white jeans can be see through and that is the last thing you want!

3. When creating a white jeans outfit, keep in mind clean lines with minimal fuss. By this I am referring to the shape of the clothing you’re pairing with the white jeans; proportion, color, and textures. I wore a cropped denim jacket to emphasize my waistline, rather than a jacket that ends at the hips, which would make them look wider.

4. Shirts in or out? With white jeans, I recommend wearing your shirts primarily out. Tucking them in not only adds bulk, but the color of the top can show through the material. And, given the fact that white pants can add visual weight to your behind, tucking in a shirt and wearing a belt just adds emphasis to the area, which is not a good thing. Leave your shirts untucked, or just tuck a corner in for some added panache.

5. If you’re looking to dress up your white jeans make sure to select a pair that is not distressed and select a classic cut. Pair your white jeans with a crisp button up blouse or a beautiful bright flowy tip. For shoes, you could wear a classic pair of pointy toe flats to elongate your legs or pointy toe heels to really make you taller. Keep these things in mind and you’ll create a stylish white jeans outfit!

Looking to add some white jeans to your closet? Check out Nordstrom’s selection of white jeans, they have lots of brands to choose from and many sizes and styles.


You might be wondering where we took these photos. Peter and I spent a week in Lake Havasu, exploring the desert and doing some team-building activities.

It was my first time visiting Arizona and the Grand Canyon South Rim! Both are spectacular destinations, even in January when we visited. And although it did rain on several of the days we were there, the photos here were taken on a sunny 72-degree winter afternoon—perfect for white denim jeans!

This outfit is also a good choice for spring or even summer.

Are you ready to rock some white jeans? Let me know if you have any questions, and I’d love to see what you wear with your white jeans!

What do you wear with your white jeans? Let me know what is your perfect white jeans outfit!

Stay Stylish,

PS: Here is another outfit with white jeans I created with the same white jeans, but for this look I wore a button-down vertical striped shirt and a dark pink satchel for a pop of color.

Lake Havasu Arizona - January -

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When putting together a white jeans outfit keep in mind clean lines with minimal fuss. -

white jeans outfit for the lake in January

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Striped shirt and denim jacket - How to style white jeans

White jeans outfit -

lake havasu Arizona

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