A Stylish Blue And White Polka Dot Spring Outfit

Beautiful Hotel Entrance Garden Court Hotel - Stylishlyme.com

Hello From Palo Alto

Today we begin a beautiful destination series from our time in Palo Alto California. Over the next two weeks I will share with you a series of outfits from the gorgeous Garden Court Hotel and around the city.

This first outfit taken at the entrance of the hotel, is where we began our exploration of this tech capital.

A Blue And White Spring Outfit

Our drive to Palo Alto was only a short 45 minute trip. Thus I was able to wear a light chiffon blouse without worrying about it getting too wrinkled. The white and blue, with a splash of red, spring outfit is my perfect look for traveling.

I know you’re not “supposed” to wear white pants until after Memorial Day but I couldn’t wait. I just ordered these pants from LOFT and I couldn’t leave them hanging in the closet for two more months. I wasn’t the only one with this idea, plenty of women had their pristine white pants on, I think the weather had a lot to do with it. But really, I think you can wear white pants whenever you want, it depends on your personal style.

I’ll also let you in on a little secret, this is the first pair of all white denim pants I’ve ever owned. I was always afraid of looking short and stout with wide hips, which white pants had the tendency of doing. This is avoidable with the right fit. Having ill fitting pants can make you lose your figure in an instant. The white pants I’m wearing are petite modern skinny and slim through the hips, in-case you were wondering.

To complete the look I added hints of gold to match the gold hardware from the handbag. Finishing up the outfit with the blue polka dot flats that matched the blue and polka dots on the blouse.

I look forward to sharing the rest of the looks from our stay in this special location. I hope you enjoy them!

Stay Stylish,

Photos: @peterlang

Pretty Blue Sring Blouse - Stylishlyme.com

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Gorgeous Hotel Entrance Garden Court - Stylishlyme.com

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