5 Stylish Travel Essentials You Cannot Leave Home Without

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Stylish Winter and Fall Travel Essentials

While traveling this November and December in Italy I brought with me a few travel essentials that I used over and over again.

These five items are necessary when traveling in the colder months. These are the “neutrals” that you’ll wear in many outfits.

Surprisingly this was my first time traveling abroad in the Fall/Winter. I usually travel during Summer or Spring. Overall I loved this experience. Besides packing bulkier clothes and being overweight on our luggage the trip was perfect.

Traveling in the “off” season brings with it a lot of perks like cheaper flights, no lines at museums, not as many “tourists” in your photos and of course the cute cozy travel outfits.

With these travel essentials you need to keep in mind that you have to love them. I don’t mean, “yeah they’ll do.” I mean you have to LOVE them because they will be in all your photos and you’ll have to wear them a lot.

What you bring with you is important. The last thing you want is being in another country and having nothing to wear.

Along with the other necessary items like undergarments and makeup these 5 travel essentials are a must. Don’t leave home without; sunglasses, scarf, riding boots, large structured satchel and a coat.

stylish travel essential - sunglasses - Visit Stylishlyme.com for more outfit inspiration and style tips

Travel essential - Sunglasses - Visit Stylishlyme.com for more outfit inspiration and style tips

Stylish Sunglasses

Even when the forecast calls for rain you need to bring sunglasses with you on your travels. From the moment you leave your home this travel essential needs to be in your handbag. Wear them off the plane to hide your tired eyes and keep them within reach throughout your trip.

I always prefer black sunglasses because they are classic and minimalist. My preferred style. The sunglasses I brought with me for my trip to Italy are from Burberry. You can see there iconic print pattern on the frames. The patterned band along the sunglasses is actually cloth not plastic, it a nice play on texture.

Find the same sunglasses I wore here.

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fall and winter travel essentials - Visit Stylishlyme.com for more outfit inspiration and style tips

Gray Plaid Scarf

Whether you prefer plain or patterned, a scarf is a travel essential that will keep you cozy when it gets chilly.

I say gray instead of a bright or pastel because gray works with a lot of outfits. You don’t have to worry about it mis-matching because it will most likely work with every outfit. I also say plaid because it adds a nice pattern to a simple outfit.

I wore a gray scarf throughout my entire trip. I brought two scarves with me one lighter gray and the darker gray you see in these photos. When selecting your travel scarf keep four things in mind; the color, pattern, fabric and size. It can not be just for looks, it needs to keep you warm.

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fall and winter travel essential - riding boots - Visit Stylishlyme.com for more outfit inspiration and style tips

Black Riding Boots

At first I was doubting the idea of bringing riding boots on this trip but that doubt was quickly removed with the first outfit and rain.

If you’re traveling in the Fall or Winter you can expect for there to be some rain or a lot of rain depending on where you’re going.

Black flat riding boots are perfect for traveling because they are comfortable, stylish and great for the rain. You won’t have cold or wet feet and the boots will match a lot of your outfits.

I wore these boots with leggings on the way to Italy and back because they take up a lot of room, you wouldn’t want them in your luggage. The same goes for your coat.

I left with the boots looking new and now they look like they’ve seen all of Northern Italy. These boots are by Ariat, style York.

travel essential - large satchel - Visit Stylishlyme.com for more outfit inspiration and style tips

Italy in November: Stylish Rainy Day Outfit - Visit Stylishlyme.com for more outfit inspiration and style tips

Structured Satchel

I say a structure handbag because it looks better with the season. Plus a structure satchel looks very stylish with a double breasted coat and riding boots.

A stylish structured satchel is not just about form but also function. Having a larger handbag in your trip will come in handy when carrying important documents and little items you buy while discovering new places.

Something to keep in mind is the color of the satchel. I would suggest a darker color so you have the freedom to wear it all the time. For most people this will be the sole handbag of the entire trip. Make sure it’s a gorgeous one.

The one I brought with me on this trip to Italy is from ZAC by Zac Posen. It’s stylish and just the style I needed for this trip.

travel essential peacoat - Visit Stylishlyme.com for more outfit inspiration and style tips

stylish travel essential coat - Visit Stylishlyme.com for more outfit inspiration and style tips

Double Breasted Coat

I brought with me one coat, that is really all you need. I wore this one coat for the entire trip as you can see from the photos.

When considering a coat for your travels the two most important things you need to consider are: color, style and warmth.

First and foremost the coat needs to do its most basic function. It needs to keep you warm, it can’t just be stylish. If the coat is too thin don’t take it with you.

Next is color. I went a little out of the ordinary and choose a dark olive green color. I was looking for a stylish piece that I would enjoy wearing, would like nice with me skin color and matched my boots, sunglasses, scarf and satchel. Yes, at one time you will be wearing all of these five travel essentials at once so make sure they look good together.

These are the travel essentials I brought with me. What travel essentials do you make sure you have when traveling in the Fall and Winter time.

Stay Stylish,

PS: I wrote this post while I was flying above Paris on our journey home. I can’t wait to share all of the gorgeous photos Peter took in Italy!


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    Thanks! a really useful blog..

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    What a great post, really helpful! I am going to Paris in two weeks for only a couple of days, but it still leaves you thinking about what to wear and take with you. I think, especially in the winter, when you travel you have to wear comfortable clothes that are warm and do the job. Yet I always want to look stylish too. 🙂

    Love, Rachel

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    I discovered too late you were travelling around Italy : (
    I would have loved to meet you here in Venice!
    Hope you had a great trip,

    Lovely Idea