50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Stocking Stuffers For Women – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re wondering what to buy your best friend, sister, mom, aunt, daughter or grandmother this list of stocking stuffers will be your guide.

I’ve put together this list of 50 stylish stocking stuffers for women that I would personally give and would love to receive. These is a complete guide to items that any women would love to have in their stocking. Imagine waking up and finding a gorgeous pair of leather gloves or cute clutch. I know I would love it.

These 50 items are ideas that are size appropriate and of course stylish. Since they are ideas you can select an item that fits your budget. Yes they do sell Louis Vuitton Passport cases that are $450 dollars but you can find an equally stylish case from Fossil that’s $35.

Have fun and I hope this stylish stocking stuffer guide helps you!

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #1 Beanie - Christmas Gifts

Stylish and Cute Beanie

It’s winter time so it’s appropriate to give a pretty knit beanie. The style will be dependent on who you’re giving it to. Some might love a fair isle red knit beanie with a large pom on top and other gals might prefer a chic black embellished knit. Find a color, pattern, and style that is appropriate for the wearer, this of course applies to all the gifts.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #2 Gloves - Christmas GIfts

Black or Brown Leather Gloves

I say black or brown leather gloves because they match the most amount of outfits. A pair of black leather gloves are always stylish and can be worn year after year. This gift is sure to make someone smile. I have a pair of black Coach leather gloves that I love.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #3 Sleeping Mask- Christmas GIfts

Sleep Mask

The eye mask can be for travel or for beauty. A pretty sleep mask that is ultra-breathable and lightweight is great for during daytime sleep and travel. Or an eye mask that relieves stress. This can be an herbal soothing mask, similar to the ones that are placed on your eyes while getting a massage.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #4 Luggage Tag- Christmas GIfts

Luggage Tag

These little tags are perfect for that gal always on the go. Give your jetsetter friend a way to distinguish their luggage in the sea of airport luggages. You can go uber fancy with a louis vuitton luggage tag but that will cost a shiny penny or you can go with a just as stylish choice with a Coach luggage tag which cost about $35.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #5 Nail Polish- Christmas GIfts

Nail Polish

This is a no fail gift, well unless you get the wrong nail color. If you don’t want to worry about getting the incorrect color look for color sets that come with a variety. OPI always has some cute mini sets. This gives the person the chance to try out colors they might have never worn. It’s a pleasant surprise.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #6 Small CLutch - Christmas GIfts

Small Clutch

A pretty little clutch for everyday or an embellished one for a night out is a lovely stocking stuffer. If you’re going with a style that the person would use all the time I would suggest a solid color like in blue, black, white or red. If the person likes glitzy styles more than I would suggest looking at Natasha Couture, they have a large variety of glitzy clutch in a variety of prices.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #4 Luggage Tag- iphone case

Iphone Case

Practically everyone has an iphone so you can not go wrong with a nice iphone case. Kate Spade or Michael Kors an iphone case is a safe choice just make sure you get it for the correct phone model.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #4 Luggage Tag- socks


Yes socks for a stocking, why not. Everyone is always happy with socks a long as it’s not the only thing they receive. I love receiving socks for Christmas. It’s one of the things I never buy throughout the year so I’m very happy when I get them as a present.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #4 Luggage Tag- Coin Purse

Coin Purse

A cute coin purse. Yep! I don’t know about you but I would be very happy to receive a coin purse. Most of the time I have loose change at the bottom of my purse.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women #4 Luggage Tag- Swim Suit

Swim Suit

Even though we’re in the middle of winter gifting a swim suit would not only have someone looking forward to summer but it might get them in the most to workout. Since the end of the year is the time for New Year’s resolutions if you have a friend that has working out on the New Year’s list then a swim suit might be appropriate.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women Solid perfume

Diptyque Do Son Solid Perfume

This unique gift is perfect for traveling. It’s small size fits in a purse and suitable for summer weekend getaway or month long European travels. If you the person you’re gifting has never receive a solid perfume you’ll be introducing them to something new that they might love.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women - Hair Clips

Hair Clips

Short or long everyone appreciates a nice hair clips. I’m reffering to the pretty embellished hair clips. Anthropology sells a lot of these pretty hair accessories. For women with short hair look for embellished bobby pins and for gals with long hair you can get larger hair clips like

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


This is one of those items that you need but never buy. You either have nothing at all or an ugly thing you bought at a gas station. A keychain is something that will be used everyday so why not have a stylish one. Don’t go with something too big because the larger it is the less likely they will use it. Looking for a nice piece that is also practical.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Mini Candle (Diptyque mini candle)

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice smelling house, room or office. A candle is something that anyone can use. I decided to list a mini instead of a full size because that stocking can only hold so much weight.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Leather Journal

It might be old fashioned but a journal is a gift that will be with someone for a long time. I use my journal to write my goals and wish lists. I don’t write in it daily but I take it with me everywhere. Let the gift receiver know that it can and should be used in which ever way they like. A travel journal, business goals, and even to-do lists.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


A stylish pair of sunglasses is always well received. Go with a classic pair of Ray-Bans or maybe a pair a little more fashion forward like a pair of Elizabeth and James. You know your best friend or sister best so find a pair that suits her personality best.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


What woman wouldn’t want to receive a gorgeous necklace or beautiful bracelet in there Christmas stocking. It doesn’t have to be real or super fancy but just make sure it will suit the wearer. Target has lots of pretty and affordable jewelry, I suggest starting there and working your way up maybe to Swarovski.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Yosi Samra Flats

I love these flats. If you don’t know about Yosi Samra, you need to. These flats are foldable and come in a little carrying pouch. These flats are perfect for traveling when your shoes get you tired and you need to switch to flats. These fit in your handbag or travel bag and will come in handy. I’m actually wearing mine as I write this 😉 I brought them with me to my trip to Italy.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


Large belt, skinny belt, waist belt, etc. Belts make an excellent stylish stocking stuffer and you can find a good option anywhere from LOFT to Macy’s. I would advise selecting a belt in black, brown or one in a fun pattern like leopard.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


These are a fun stocking stuffer that most likely the receiver will not own. I don’t own a pair. It’s one of those cute items that you would like but never take the time to look for one that you like so why not do us a favor a take the time to gift a stylish pair of earmuffs.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


Make sure you know the person’s favorite scents before gifting perfume. These gifts can either be really good or really bad. Also, instead of purchasing a full size you can get a mini version. Most perfumes sell smaller sizes or the most popular perfumes.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Eye Makeup Palette

I would suggest gifting a palette instead of one or two because it will get more use. Look for a smokey eye set or the Urban Decay naked palettes, everyone will be able to use it no matter your skin or eye color.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Faux-Fur Cowl

A stylish piece that is for the fashionista on your list. This scarf alternative is a super lux way to keep warm in the cold months. A faux-fur cowl is sure to put a smile on your receivers Christmas morning face. This might be a little large so it can be the only thing that the person receives in their stocking depending on how big the stocking is.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Travel Jewelry Case

I have one of these Peter bought for me from Pottery Barn and I use it every time I go somewhere, even if it’s for the weekend. These come in handy and most likely the person doesn’t have it. Travel jewelry cases keep your necklaces from tangling and your rings, earrings and other small jewelry from getting lost.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


Knit, silk or jersey a scarf is an excellent stocking stuffer. Being a scarf lover myself I believe one can never have to make scarfs with the infinite options of colors, fabrics, patterns and lengths you can’t go wrong in gifting a scarf. Of course keep in mind the person you’re gifting if you know they mostly wear scarfs in the summer go with a light cotton or silk scarf. Don’t think you only have to gift knit scarves.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Compact Mirror

I received this one Christmas as a stocking stuffer and I didn’t know how much use I was going to get out of it. Once you have a mirror it never really leaves your purse. You can even get it personalized and get a compact mirror with the person’s initials on it.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Travel Rollerball Perfume

I love these. These rollerball perfumes are not only used while traveling. They can be in your purse for use after work while transitioning to a date night. These are excellent stocking stuffers. If you know the person’s favorite perfume great, if not find out. These rollerball perfumes are not sold in tons of brands and most likely you’ll find perfume you’re looking for in this form.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Passport Case

This is one of those items that you don’t really need but if you have you feel oh so stylish. A passport case designer or otherwise is the perfect stocking stuffer for the avid traveller. Louis Vuitton sells some gorgeous ones of course but you can also find a variety of brands at Nordstrom or Macy’s.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


If you think it’s about time you get a new wallet most likely your friend or mom feel the same way. A wallet can be a difficult item to gift so unless you know which one they want I would go with an option that’s more safe. You can them or find out which styles they prefer, some women like large wallets that holds lots of things and others prefer something slim and compact. I’m the latter.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Makeup Brush Set

A women can always use a new brush set, unless they work a professional makeup artist most of us don’t really have a complete set. Personally, I only have a little travel set that has turned into my everyday set. I finally bought a foundation brush and it’s changed the way I apply makeup. There are tons of brush options the safest choice is always the eye set.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


Leather, gold, silver or sterling. Set the budget and find a watch that you know the future wearer will love. You know if the person prefers a small or large face, you’ve most likely seen a watch on them before. Before you buy this stocking stuffer make sure the face is not too big for the wrist.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Travel Hairdryer

This awesome little hairdryer can come in real handy. I bought one three years ago and I still use it. This is a great alternative to carrying a large one and it doesn’t weigh much. Pack it in your luggage a month trip or for the weekend.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Cosmetic Case

Whether the individual is a traveler or not a cosmetic case is needed. I had a tiny one for a very long time until I received an awesome cosmetic case for yes, Christmas! Find a nice one that is not too large or too small and not in white. No matter how clean you are makeup cases always get dirty.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Longchamp Tote

I see these everywhere when I travel. Every stylish gal that doesn’t want any ol’ tote has these. I remember seeing these the first time I went overseas. I was thinking what’s with everyone carrying the same tote! But now I see why, they come in a variety of colors, are easy to keep clean and they easily fold away when you’re done using them! Convenient and stylish!

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


Headphones have become a style piece. They are adorned with jewels and come in so many colors. From gold to silver and every glitzy color in between you’re sure to find a stylish set that will make an excellent stocking stuffer.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Travel Coffee Mug

It doesn’t just have to be for coffee! Think hot chocolate or tea! If you want to get creative and you know the person loves tea, fill the travel mug with their favorite tea. It’s two gifts in one and a fun surprise.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Manicure Set

For women that like doing caring for their nails at home. I believe there are few but that’s just a personal perspective because I dislike doing my nails at home. It takes a lot of patience to do a manicure on your own and a steady left hand, which I do not have.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Portable iPhone Charger

Anyone who’s had there phone die will appreciate a portable iPhone charger. I received one last Christmas and I take it with me everywhere. They are extremely useful and you don’t have to worry about getting stranded or capturing that photo because even the cheapest portable charger charges your dead full completely at least once.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

L’Occitane hand cream

Fancy hand cream… yes! Perfect for handbags and cold weather. I received this hand cream with an online order as a sample and I loved it. It leaves your hands very soft and some of the sizes even fit in your clutch so you can always have it with you!

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Hair Ties

Of course gift this to the gal that can use them. Pretty hair ties are a great stocking stuffer! Even though one might have many no one ever minds getting a few more. The awesome thing about pretty hair ties is that you don’t have to be embarrassed when you keep them around your wrist. You will almost always find me with a hair tie around my wrist, just in case I need one. So if they are pretty, like these, all the better.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


Another hair accessory that is an easy and stylish stocking stuffer. Headbands comes in all sizes, colors, patterns, etc. You can gift the style that wraps all around or the headbands that end at your temple. Just make sure the person you are gifting likes these because it can give some individuals headaches.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


Depending on who you’re gifting these to, they have a ton or one or two. I am the type of gal that has a lot of tights, at one point I must have had like 30. Gifts from my mom. Having so many taught me that you can never have too many because if you get a run in your stocking you know you have another.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


I receive a new pair of slipper every Christmas and I’m very happy I do. It’s like socks! Cozy slippers are an essential during the winter months and who doesn’t want a plush pair of cozy slippers to wear on Christmas morning.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Lip Gloss Set

Someone always gets a lipgloss set in my family from the little girls to the grownup. These fun sets add a little sparkle to someones makeup routine and will make them smile every time they apply it. Lipgloss sets are a fun stocking stuffer.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


Christmas sweets are a delicious gift for the gal with the sweet tooth. Cherry cordials, ginger snaps, candy canes, caramels or other favorites. Make sure they really like candy otherwise it might just end up in someone else stocking.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Espresso Cups

For espresso drinkers tiny little espresso cups are an excellent stocking stuffer. Give a set of two or four in stylish silver or winter white. There are thousands upon thousands of espresso cups styles so find an a pretty one for gifting.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Mini Champagne Bottle

The holidays are about celebrating correct? What’s more appropriate for a mini champagne bottle! For age appropriate gals a champagne bottle is a fabulous gift sure to make them smile.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women

Style Book

There are tons of books on style that are available now. I would recommend giving the Little Black Boot of Style by Nina Garcia. It’s a good read and has lots of good general advice. Not to offend the women receiving this book of course because you can always learn a little more when it comes to personal style.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


These delicious little drops of heaven are great for the macaroons lover and for macaroon virgins. I know a lot of people in my family have not tried this delectable little treats so I might be giving this as a stocking stuffer.

50 Stylish Stocking Stuffers for Women


These handy gifts are perfect for this time of year and so they are perfect stocking stuffers. Make sure to look for cute compact umbrellas so they fit in handbags or work totes. I do like the look of the longer umbrellas but they are not as convenient and don’t fit in purses. I often opt for smaller umbrellas.

I hope you’ve found this list helpful!

Let me know which one you would like to receive in your stocking!

Stay Stylish,


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