Year Round Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

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Boyfriend Gifts…

Whether you’re searching for Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts, boyfriends have their own special place on our shopping lists.

Boyfriends say that it’s hard shopping for us but we could say the same thing about them. Finding great gifts that they’ll love can be tricky. So, this brings me to this post.

I want to share with you what I’m thinking of getting my boyfriend (Peter). So if you need some inspiration maybe this post can help!

Sorry, for somewhat ruining your surprise Peter. Or maybe I made it worst because you’ll be guessing which gifts you’ll get for Christmas.

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Year Round Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend - find out more on

10 Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

1. Watch

You can ever go wrong with a watch! If he already has one, get the completely opposite style from one he currently. As you can see from the photos Peter got an “early” gift. A stylish tan watch from MVMT. It’s stylish and affordable, a perfect combination!

2. Tile

If you’re boyfriend is anything like mine, this is the perfect gift! I’m not sure how I found this little gadget but it’s awesome! If he’s always misplacing his keys, wallet, duffle, etc this “tile” will find it! So cool!

3. Moleskin Evernote

We currently use moleskins everyday to write our goals but Peter has recently started using Evernote. So when I saw this combination I knew he would love it. It brings two completely different mediums into one unified way of keeping tabs on your life. Pen and paper to digital. I like the idea, I wonder how seamless it is.

4. Travel Kit

This is on here because Peter needs a new toiletries bag after our recent trip to Italy. This canvas bag looks good and a good size too.

5. Slim Wallet

If your boyfriend dislikes large wallets, this slim wallet is perfect! It carries the essentials with no excess bulk.

6. New iPhone

There’s a new iPhone every year so most likely your boyfriend doesn’t have the newest. And who doesn’t want the new iPhone. You can’t fail with this gift (unless he’s android).

7. Fitbit

If you have a boyfriend that is into exercise and has the inkling to know how active he is all day the Fitbit is a great gift.

8. Slippers

Nobody likes cold feet. Slippers are one of those not so cool but necessary gifts. Depending on your budget you could get slippers mixed with a cool gadget.

9. Perfect Shave Kit

As you have seen from our photos Peter has a full beard. He’s not about to shave it off anytime soon but this shave kit is for the neck stubble. Whether your boyfriend has a beard or not a shaving kit will come in handy.

10. Shoe Tree

This is one of those gifts that he needs but never buy so you end up giving it as a gift. Again, depending on your budget you might hide the shoe tree in some new shoes. Double surprise.

So these are my gifts ideas for the boyfriend in your life. This gift list not only works for Christmas but year round. Personally, I’m going to refer to this list next year because you usually gift your boyfriend at least four times a year (Valentines, Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas.)

Happy Shopping!

Stay Stylish,


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