The 15 Most Stylish Camera Bags (Cute, Durable, & Cool)

The 10 Most Stylish Camera Bags (Cute, Durable, & Cool)

You’ve invested in a camera, so why not invest in a stylish camera bag, stylish camera backpack, or one of each to match your different outfits or different purposes. You’ll use a different camera bag if you’re just photographing around your town versus traveling.

If you’re like me—and since you’re reading my blog I think you might be—you’re not going to settle for any run-of-the-mill ugly camera bag. There are so many choices when it comes to stylish camera bags, I thought it was about time that I let you in on some of best.

The Best Stylish Camera Bags Available

You cannot put your expensive DSLR/SLR camera in just any ol’ bag. But to be honest, that’s what my photographer and I were doing before. While traveling around Europe, we came to regret not having a stylish camera bag for our lenses, disks, and camera body. I often found myself wrapping the camera in a scarf and stuffing it in my purse so it at least had a little protection.

Well, that’s the reason for writing this post. I was searching for the most stylish camera bags and I know many of you might be looking for the same thing. So…

Here are the 10 most stylish camera bags I’ve found. These are the ones I wish I had in my travel arsenal to both look great and protect my camera equipment.

1. The ONA Brooklyn Bag

This Ona Camera bag is definitely on my wish list! While it is one of the pricier camera bags on this list, it’s gorgeous. A classic satchel, it is easy to carry by hand or on the shoulder. The Brooklyn comes in chestnut or black leather, both neutrals that should go easily with your wardrobe. It can hold your camera and 3 lenses, as well as having a pocket for your phone or tablet and a space for your wallet. Perfect for travel, and no one will know what’s inside this stylish camera bag.

Stylish Camera Bags the ONA Camera Bag - Visit for more outfit inspiration and style tips

2. The ONA Camps Bay Backpack

If you’d rather have a stylish camera backpack, this is a great option, because it comes in real handy when traveling. This Ona camera backpack is on my photographer’s wish-list! It comes in smoke gray or field tan waxed canvas with dark truffle leather straps and detailing, or a more utilitarian black nylon (which, to be honest, isn’t near as cute).

Inside are adjustable dividers that can hold your camera and up to 7 lenses or other camera equipment (or your wallet and makeup bag!). There is even a slot for your laptop, so you can edit your photos while sipping a cappuccino at a streetside cafe. (I know, I’m dreaming here!) And when you aren’t using it as a camera bag, it would make a pretty stylish commuter backpack.

The 10 Most Stylish Camera Bags - ONA camps bay grey- Visit for more outfit inspiration and style tips


This is another really stylish camera backpack Woodstock from Kelly Moore, an innovator in women’s camera bags. This stylish camera bag comes in stone (dark gray) or two dual-tone options (cinnamon/bone or stone/bone), making it hard to choose just one! It contains a removable and padded basket which can hold your camera body and up to 3 lenses or accouterments, plus your laptop or tablet. There is also a wallet pocket and two zipper pockets for personal items.

stylish camera backpack Woodstock from Kelly Moore

4. Undfind One Bag Camera and Laptop Bag

For a more unisex look, I like the The One Bag is a unique camera and electronics camera bag so that I can share camera toting duties with Peter! This messenger-style bag, made primarily from neoprene, is a unique camera and electronics bag in one that is sleek and lightweight. Don’t let its small profile fool you though, as it can hold your camera, 3 lenses, accessories and a tablet without batting an eye. It will also transform into an everyday commuter bag and hold your laptop. Bonus: Comes with its own rain jacket!

One Bag Camera and Laptop Bag

5. Aide de Camp – Valencia Travel Tote

I really like this cute camera bag option from Aide de Camp because it really just looks like a stylish tote bag. It comes with a removable camera insert so really when you don’t need to carry your camera equipment just remove the insert and use it as your everyday bag. This is perfect because you’ll get more use out of these stylish camera bags instead of just once in a while. I also love the color options it comes in and once useful feature is that strap it has on the side of the tote so you can secure it on your carry on luggage and not worry about it while getting from point A to B.

Aide de Camp Valencia Travel Tote - Stylish camera bags

6. Travel Vintage Crossbody Shoulder Bag

This is not the biggest camera but it sure is a cute camera bag! It’s a vintage style crossbody camera bag that fits a standard size DSLR with a lens. This is great when you’re not planning on taking a ton of great and just want your camera accessible for those must capture moments. This crossbody bag would look very stylish with a pair of jeans and a tee or a fun dress. It really it cute and has a lot of personality.

And as you can see it has a removeable insert so when you don’t need your camera gear you can just remove it.

Travel Vintage Crossbody Shoulder Bag - Stylish Camera Bags

7. Juliette All Leather Camera Bag

Red leather with dark top-stitching makes this camera bag a stand out. The Jill-e Designs small leather camera bag can be used as a handbag, shoulder bag, or as a cross-body bag with attachable strap. The adjustable interior can hold your camera, multiple lenses, and equipment. If you’re looking to add a bit of color then this is a great option.

Juliette All Leather Camera Bag

8. CaiulBasic Instax Mini Universal Camera Case

OK I had to include this because the Fujifilm instax Mini is all over the place. If you have that little camera then you need a camera bag for it and this is it. Yes I know it’s not a serious camera bag but it’s perfect for a gift to your little sister or other younger relative.

CaiulBasic Instax Mini Universal Camera Case - Stylish Camera Bag

9. Topixdeals Vintage Camera Bag

If you like compact things without much fuss then the Topixdeals Vintage Camera Bag is for you! If you like to wear skirts, dresses, floral prints with a vintage feel then this would match your outfits perfectly. The other great thing about it is that it’s a neautral so you can wear this camera bag with almost any outfit and it will look stylish.

Topixdeals Vintage Camera Bag - Stylish Camera Bags

10. Small Leather Camera Bag ZLYC Vintage

Small Leather Camera Bag ZLYC - Stylish Camera Bag

11. Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag

Stylish Camera Bag - Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag

12. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is the stylish camera bag that I am currently using, we actually have a couple of stylish camera bags when traveling. We are traveling around the world and I needed a camera bag that would hold my laptop, camera gear and lots of cords and cards. I keep finding something unique in this bag and I love that it holds so much but it’s not clunky. It’s sleek design and innovate detaling really makes it a great camera bag.

 - The 15 Most Stylish Camera Bags (Cute, Durable, & Cool)

Camera Backpack - The 15 Most Stylish Camera Bags (Cute, Durable, & Cool)

13. Camera Backpack by GOgroove

This Camera Backpack by GOgroove is similar to the peak design above but it has less options in my option. It also has a softer style because of the color and material. The great thing about this camera bag is the side access. If you need your camera in a giffy the side option is great. The camera backpack I use has the side option and I use it a lot.

Stylish Camera Backpack - The 15 Most Stylish Camera Bags (Cute, Durable, & Cool)

Stylish Travel Camera Backpack - The 15 Most Stylish Camera Bags (Cute, Durable, & Cool)

14. BAGSMART Camera Backpack

Bagsmart Stylish Camera Backpack

Stylish and Durable Camera Backpack

15. The Kenora Backpack

The Kenora Backpack by Portage - Stylish Camera Bag

Shop for More Stylish Camera Bags:

If the fifteen suggestions aren’t enough for you, or you want to compare what is out there, view moew options below. Several specialize in camera bags for women, and I am quite sure that you will find the right stylish camera bag suited to you.

Do you already one of these stylish camera bags? If yes, then lets us know in the comment what you think of it to help others looking to add one of these stylish camera bags to their camera gear!

Which one is your favorite?



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    Agreed, it’s necessary to buy a good backpack to carry your expensive devices and the collection you have shared is really awesome.

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    For anyone who likes the urban & minimalist style backpack (made with vegan leather), check this brand out
    The name says it all!

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    love the Green bag at the beginning.

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    Who knew camera bags could be so beautiful! They certainly look way more stylish than my tatty backpack that I carry mine around in 🙂 Might be time for an upgrade, thanks for the inspiration!

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    Thanks for the post. I still haven’t found a bag I really like 🙁 I need one that can hold a couple of random personal items, too. I like the leather satchel kind of feel.

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    Those are very great collections , with stylish design that you can use during daily commuter as well as long traveling.

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    Ahh yes, I have been on the hunt for a stylish camera back so far! This post has been such a great resource! I’m trying to find a stylish camera back as well as one for hiking! Any recommendations for hiking camera bags? Love the blog!

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    You are missing my favorite company, Darby mack! I love that they are made in US and their insert is removable… mine is even waterproof!

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    That ONA bag is one stylish bag! Need to get my hands on one of those sometime soon.

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    You’re forgetting The House of Flynn. They’re bags are beautiful and durable and very high quality!

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    House of Flynn offers excellent women’s camera bags. Mine is hot pink leather, which holds a DSLR with 5 lens and one on the camera itself. Five pockets on the front and one additional on each side. Removable inserts and a rear pocket for magazines or it can even fit an iPad or Mac. It is my go to travel camera bag because it holds everything and it’s stylish!

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      I didn’t even see your comment! I also love HoF!

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    I am just being introduced to the world of “designer” bags, but so far I am in LOVE with The House of Flynn bags! **swoon**

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    Beautiful bags!!!! I can’t get enough of these. So nice to have an alternative to the black polyester rubbish. Also found these guys http://www.moolicamerabags,com – a London based company, very vintage looking.

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      Beautiful bags!!!! I can’t get enough of these. So nice to have an alternative to the black polyester rubbish. Also found these guys – a London based company, very vintage looking.

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    This is so useful! I love the ONA bag as well. I will have to look into it now, thanks! 🙂

    Beautiful blog, btw!


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    Wow, there are some really nice bags! I don´t own a stylish camera bag but have always wanted to buy one… This post definately reminded me to finally do so 😉

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