Yosemite in Winter – Amazing Photos of California’s Winter Wonderland

Stylishlyme - Yosemite Winding Road

Stylishlyme - Snow Covered Trees Yosemite

Stylishlyme - Gorgeous Yosemite Winter

Stylishlyme - Stylishlyme Photographer

Stylishlyme - Yosemite Waterfalls December

Stylishlyme - Yosemite in the winter

Stylishlyme - Tunnel View Yosemite

Stylishlyme - Stylishlyme Taking Pictures

Stylishlyme - Yosemite Half Snow Covered Trees

Stylishlyme - Rain in Yosemite

Stylishlyme - Foggy Yosemite

Stylishlyme - Fashion Blog Photographer

Stylishlyme - Drive to Tunnel View Yosemite

Stylishlyme - Deer in Yosemite

Stylishlyme - A Snowy Drive

Stylishlyme Yosemite Funny Photo Bomb

Photographer wearing boots gifted from CAT Footwear

Yosemite in December

You might have seen in my two previous posts, Let it Snow – Happy Holidays and Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, that I enjoyed the holidays in California’s Yosemite National Park. Many of you asked me about the weather, landscapes and my overall visit to Yosemite, so I wanted to share with you some of the gorgeous scenic photos of this amazing place during my winter visit.

The weather was ever changing over the many days of our holiday, which is why you see some photos that have snow in it, and others that do not. The first day we arrived, it was raining but overnight that rain turned to snow and the park transformed into a magical winter wonderland. From the higher viewpoints you can see the clear separation of green forest and white snow.

I’ve been to Yosemite many times before and it’s always full of people. Luckily this time, due to the weather and snow chain requirement there was hardly any people. But this didn’t stop someone from photo bombing while shooting at Tunnel View. (last photo)

I hope our photos give you a glimpse of the beauty and magic of Yosemite. I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!!

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Photos: @peterlang


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26 thoughts on “Yosemite in Winter – Amazing Photos of California’s Winter Wonderland

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    […] park so if you plan on staying in Yosemite you need to make reservations months in advance. Yosemite in the winter is much quieter because of the snow and need for snow […]

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    Awesome Photos!!! I just LOVE yosemite is all seasons. I try to get up there every month!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures! What lens are you using???

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    WOW! I most definitely enjoyed your photos. It took my breath away! :O

    Pink Carnations

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    These photographs are absolutely breathtaking! I would love to know what kind of camera/lenses you use! xoxo

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    Karina Ibelis

    Beautiful place … perfect views !! Love it so much!!! Very frozen but amazing place!

    Karina Ibelis

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    oh wow these pictures are incredible!!

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    Woooow amazing photos!!!!!!


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    Amazing photos! They are absolutely beautiful!


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    Wow, these pictures are utterly amazing! Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year! If you get a chance, I would love for you to stop by again and check out my favorites in WORK, DAY and PLAY style from 2012…the year sure does fly by! Have a wonderful day and please keep in touch.

    xo Grace

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    Hoy eres una de las protagonistas de mi blog, espero que te guste la sorpresa!!!!!

    Un besito 😀

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      Muchisimas gracias!!

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    these photos are so amazing! Happy New Year!!! xO!

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    great pictures…they are really amazing..

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    I wish you a fun, fulfilling and fabulous 2013!

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    These pictures are UNREAL! So breathtaking! Happy New Year! 🙂

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    Such beautiful photos! It’s really great to see a stylish person not only do stylish photos. It’s definitely refreshing to see some landscapes every once in a while! Great job and have a great holiday!

    The Dilly Chic

    • default avatar

      Thank you Nadya, I like to incorporate other interests from time to time. Very happy you like these variety in posts.

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    You took all these photos? Holy wow!!! These are incredible! Its gorgeous there! I’ve been but never in winter. I want to go now! Thanks for sharing 🙂 happy new year!

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      Thank you!! yes we took all of the photos! Happy you like them.

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    So beautiful! I’ve never been to Yosemite, but I really want to go.

    Sea and Swank

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      You should really try to visit one day, it’s beautiful year round.

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    It’s really beautiful!

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    wow. Envy! Love this place


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    These photos are truly incredible! This is going on my to visit list for sure thanks for sharing 🙂

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      Thank you! Awesome, it really is an amazing place.