Garden Court Hotel – Palo Alto

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A Gem of a Boutique Hotel

Do you ever want to just get away from it all, even if it’s just for the weekend?

A place where you have your own little space, where the linens are always fresh, your bed is magically made, and fresh coffee is just waiting for you down the hall?

Well, I found that place and it has all this and so much more. Peter and I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto, California. This picture perfect hotel looks like it was taken straight out of Italy and dropped right in the middle of the tech capital of the world.

A Stylish Experience

Upon arrival, the kindest staff greeted us and meticulously took care of everything. Making all our worries of the previous day and the next vanish.

The hotel’s lobby captures your senses by the tender and vibrant smell of a Molton Brown candle, a warm fireplace and a mix of contemporary and classic decor. Its large french windows flood the room with natural light making this boutique hotel lobby warm and inviting.

Our luggage was waiting for us in our room – neatly placed in their walk-in-closets. Yes, walk in closets! As we made ourselves comfortable a knock on the door came with with a bottle of the hotel’s french champagne, Paul Goerg. Refreshing way to start our stay after the hustle and bustle of the morning.

There are a few things that bring me as much joy as room service and a good robe. These two go hand in hand and especially during breakfast. To wake up and enjoy the crisp morning air on the room’s patio with fresh french press coffee is what travel dreams are made of… right?

In 2010, a magical thing happened to the Garden Court Hotel, it was renovated. The mint, pink and yellow interior was removed to make way for the new chic; blue and white modern and stylish design. You know I’ve been into the blue and white color combination. I was pleasantly surprised that my outfits matched the interior color scheme of the room. Stylish indeed.

The hotel designers made sure to keep a connection between the rustic exterior and the modern interior. The exterior charm was brought into the hotel by the use of vintage mirrors. The rustic pattern over the mirrors creates a balance and completes the hotel design.

Personally, I loved the full length mirror in our room, it made getting ready so much easier. Another huge plus: the bathrooms are properly lit. With white floor to ceiling marble bathrooms it made putting on makeup easy. Have you ever stayed in a dark dimly lit hotel? If so, you can relate. A dark hotel translates to a dungeon of a bathroom.

Throughout our stay we were delighted by the little touches that made our stay even more special. From offering delicious truffles in the lobby to fresh fruit in the hallways. Or a breakfast bar with fresh Peet’s coffee, teas and pastries on every floor, every morning. Finally, the front desk enchanted us with delicious port (I love a good port).

I hope you’re enjoying this destination series because we had a lot of fun creating it. You can view the other posts from Palo Alto by clicking here.

Stay Stylish,

PS: The large “photo” on top is a virtual 360 of the hotels executive room, courtyard and lobby. You can click on the red dots or the arrows to see my outfits and more of the hotel.

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    GARDEN COURT HOTEL is really amazing. I remember i didn’t see such a quality hotel in my last tour to Palo Alto many years back. I can’t wait to book a room in my upcoming tour to the place.

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    So gorgeous! I would love to be on that balcony right now.

    Thanks for visiting Suppose Anything Goes – can’t wait to read more of your posts!

    Suppose Anything Goes

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    WOW!! What a gorgeous hotel! I want to go there now.:) I’m in dire need of a vacation filled with a little r & r.

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    Beautiful pictures! I love your style, simple and elegant. Thank you for the inspiration!