5 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Jumpsuit

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What to Look for in a Jumpsuit

If you want to be stylish, chic and comfortable I would stay away from the pajama trend and instead reach for a jumpsuit.

A pant jumpsuit is incredibly chic, comfortable and easy to wear. All you need are accessories and a nice pair of shoes, and you’re set! Sans shoes for me. 🙂

When getting a jumpsuit there are a few things to keep-in-mind.

Purchase the right length. You don’t want to be tripping over yourself or ruin the jumpsuit. Buy a length that is appropriate with heels or flats. If you’re going to wear a jumpsuit mainly with heels make sure to wear heels when trying it on. This pre-purchase test is very important and the same thing goes for pairing with flats.

Purchase a jumpsuit in a solid color. Here I went with the super safe black because I want to be able to wear it over and over and all year around. Also, a solid color lengthens your body and is oh so flattering. If you absolutely have to wear a pattern go for something subtle.

The jumpsuit I’m wearing in this post is sleeveless and has a V neckline so it’s ideal year round. I can wear it like this during the spring and summer then simply throw on a colored moto jacket when it gets chilly. If you’re going to invest in only one jumpsuit make sure it works for every season.

Go formal! If you don’t think you will get much use out of your jumpsuit on the casual weekends in the park than get something that can be dressed up. Select a formal color and a silhouette that looks stylish with some statement accessories.

The last point I need to mention is, make sure it fits! Not too short or too long, not too tight or too loose. The perfect jumpsuit needs to be flattering and you need to feel fabulous every time you put it on!

These photos were taken in the Garden Court Hotel Penthouse, this is the continuation of my Palo Alto destination series, you can see the other posts here.

So, have you worn one of these one piece wonders?

Stay Stylish,

PS. The macarons are from Chantal Guillon in Palo Alto, California. You can read about them in yesterdays post.

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