What to Wear to a Vineyard – Spring Fashion

A cute spring outfit for Napa California - wine tasting attire

Napa Vineyards

Napa Valley is one of my favorite places in California! And if you’re from California or have traveled here before you know that’s saying a lot because California is filled with gorgeous places from top to bottom.

There are a lot of interesting facts about Napa Valley and why this region is so special. Let’s focus on interesting facts that are about vineyards and we’ll go into the other facts in upcoming posts.

Facts about Napa vineyards:

  • There are about 390 physical wineries in Napa Valley
  • Vineyards range in elevation from sea level to 2,600 feet
  • Harvest begins in late August to early September and may last through November
  • There are approximately 700 grape growers in Napa County

Napa Valley facts from Visit Napa Valley.

These sort of facts are fascinating to me so I hope you find them amusing as well!

Inspired by the gorgeous vineyards surrounding the resort, I had the pleasure of staying in, we photographed this outfit post in the vineyards.

What to Wear to a Vineyard

September of last year was the last time we were in Napa Valley. The weather was warmer with sunny skies all day.

Napa Valley in the springtime (May) is a little cooler with cloudy skies in the morning but clear sunny skies in the afternoon. I wore a jacket or sweater in the morning because it was a little too cold not to.

I’ve shared with you what to wear wine tasting before. If you haven’t seen them click the links below:

When packing for this trip I was wondering what to wear to a vineyard. I didn’t have a chance to make outfits like a usually do when packing and I did what you’re not supposed to. I packed a lot of clothes not sure what would go with what. One thing I did make sure of when packing for Napa Valley was the style of clothes and the colors. I packed lighter, colorful and fun clothing.

I believe that you should always be comfortable when wine tasting and this outfit was just that. Cute and comfortable.

The light green lace shorts was a gift from my mom. I matched that with a white sleeveless shirt with contrasting trim, cropped denim jacket, bright jeweled sandals, and a mini crossbody.

This spring outfit is perfect for walking around the vineyards and admiring the scenery.

If you’re wondering what to wear to a vineyard in the springtime I hope this outfit has given you a little inspiration.

Stay Stylish,

what to wear to a vineyard - Napa Valley California - View more photos on Stylishlyme.com

cute spring outfit for wine tasting in Napa Valley

what to wear to a winery in the spring - Napa Valley

what to wear to a vineyard to Napa California

what to wear wine tasting - visit stylishlyme.com for lots of outfit inspiration

cute crochet shorts - what to wear to a winery in Napa

napa valley style - A cute outfit to wear wine tasting in napa valley

what to wear to a winery - cute spring outfit for Napa Valley


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