Barcelona Beaches and La Rambla del Mar

La Rambla Del Mar Barcelona

Barcelona Beach Walkways - Stylishlyme

Barcelona Farggi Ice Cream - Stylishlyme

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Barcelona - Marina

Barcelona Beachside Mojito - Stylishlyme

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Barcelona Marina Summer - Stylishlyme

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Barcelona Beach Outfit Fashion Blogger - Stylishlyme

Beautiful Barcelona Beach Summer - Stylishlyme

Barcelona Beach Summer - Stylishlyme

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The Beautiful Beaches of Barcelona

Barcelona beaches are nothing short of spectacular. We knew that Barcelona is great for sun, sand and swimsuits but we didn’t expect to love it so much. My boyfriend and I are not beach bums who lie around and relax at the beach all day. It’s normally not our thing, but in Barcelona it was different. We explored the beach scene multiple days throughout our stay. We had drinks by the beach, we ate lunch on the beach, we ran along the beach side paths, we strolled along the Rambla del Mar and finally on the last day we even relaxed on the beach.

I decided to share all our beach photos in one post. Thus explaining the different outfits in these photos – each were taken over the course of nine days.

Barcelona’s seaside offers a wonderfully lengthy paved walkway which is one of the reasons we loved visiting the sea so much. We enjoyed leisurely walks up and down the walkway. There we found restaurants and bars from the furthest beach of Mar Bella to very popular beach of Barceloneta and even the Rambla del Mar. Sprinkled along the entire way are lots of beach bars, a variety of restaurants and fun shops.

At Mar Bella we ate at the restaurant Boo Beach Club – the drinks were cheap, the food was very good and it had a great view of the beaches. We enjoyed sangria and mojitos at three different beach bars and of course we stopped at Farggi for some ice cream.

One of the days we walked towards the direction of Port Vell and we ended up on a wooden walkway know as the Rambla del Mar. The rambla leads you to Maremàgnum, a complex with shops, movie theaters and a large aquarium.

The sun was hot, the water was warm, the drinks were cold and we were happy. If you ever visit Barcelona during the summer I highly recommenced making many trips down to the beach!

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Sunny Photos by: @peterlang


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