Barcelona Beach View Summer - Stylishlyme
Barcelona Beaches and La Rambla del Mar
Barcelona beaches are nothing short of spectacular. We knew that Barcelona is great for sun, sand and swimsuits but we didn't expect to love it so much. My boyfriend and I are not beach bums who lie around and relax at the beach all day. ... VIEW THE POST
Outdoors Marina Outfit - Stylishlyme
An Outfit for a Day at the Marina
Protection from the sun is very important and is something you need to remember before heading out the door. If you're planning on being out in the sun all day it's best to be prepared. Always wear sunscreen. On our last day in Barcelona we ... VIEW THE POST
La Boqueria Fruit Cups - Stylishlyme
La Boqueria – Barcelona
La Boqueria is one of the largest and liveliest markets in all of Spain with over 200 stalls selling everything from candy to fish. This magnificent open-air market attracts locals and tourists alike looking for something tasty to eat on the go, buying ingredients for ... VIEW THE POST
Casual Barcelona Travel Outfit - Stylishlyme
A Casual Outfit for Traveling
There is nothing I dislike more than being uncomfortable while traveling. The last thing I want to worry about are my clothes, that might sound odd coming from a fashion blogger but it's true. I want to wear clothes that are going to let me ... VIEW THE POST
An Outfit for a Romantic Night Out
Continuing on my Barcelona travel outfit series – today, I share with you an outfit for a romantic night out. Since last week I shared with you an outfit for a casual dinner date, I felt it was only fitting to show you what I ... VIEW THE POST
Styling a Basic Black Tee - Stylishlyme
An Outfit for a Casual Dinner Date
I only brought one pair of jeans to Barcelona. I knew the weather would be hot and humid so I avoided bringing clothes that were too clingy. I ended up wearing these jeans twice because I didn't pack enough shorts, that will teach me to ... VIEW THE POST