An Outfit for a Casual Dinner Date

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Black Tee by Mango | Floral Pumps gifted by Ted Baker | Stud Earrings gifted by Ted Baker | Sunglasses by DKNY | Clutch gifted by Cuore and Pelle

Styling a Basic Black Tee

I only brought one pair of jeans to Barcelona. I knew the weather would be hot and humid so I avoided bringing clothes that were too clingy. I ended up wearing these jeans twice because I didn’t pack enough shorts, that will teach me to “pack light.” This is one of the outfits I wore on a “date night” while in Barcelona, to be quite honest, everyday felt like a date day. We ate at so many lovely restaurants; every lunch and dinner was a new Barcelona dinning adventure. You may not know this, mainly because I never talk about food, but we are major foodies! We love trying new dishes and being in the food centric city like Barcelona meant we were very happy.

Dressing up while traveling can be a little difficult depending on the amount of clothes you take with you but one item that you should never leave behind is a black tee. A black t-shirt can be dressed up or down, it will work during day or evening of adventures or even that special dinner date. To dress up the black tee I wore my new gorgeous floral pumps from Ted baker, a small chic clutch, my hair up in a bun and the finishing touch was a red pout and stud earrings. If I were back at home I would have traded these distressed jeans for a pair of dark wash cropped skinnies but since we went to a restaurant that didn’t have any strict dress codes this worked out perfectly.

How do you dress up a black t-shirt? Oh, and what did you think of the major close-up of the sunglasses?

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Fabulous photos by: @peterlang


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