A Casual Outfit for Traveling

Casual Outfit for Travel - Stylishlyme

Casual Barcelona Travel Outfit - Stylishlyme

Casual crossbody Bag - Stylishlyme

Cute Summer Woven Hat - Stylishlyme

Cute White Barcelona Hat - Stylishlyme

How to wear a boyfriend tee - Stylishlyme

La Rambla Barcelona Spain - Stylishlyme

Laser Cut Crossbody - Stylishlyme

Relaxed Boyfriend Tee - Stylishlyme

A Stylish & Casual Outfit

There is nothing I dislike more than being uncomfortable while traveling. The last thing I want to worry about are my clothes, that might sound odd coming from a fashion blogger but it’s true. I want to wear clothes that are going to let me navigate a new city without feeling constrained or uneasy. Remember, comfort nurtures confidence and confidence is a powerful thing. You can be comfortable and stylish – don’t think otherwise – the secret is to find clothes that work for your body.

As I mentioned in my previous post, An Outfit for a Casual Dinner Date, I only brought one pair of jeans on my Barcelona trip so here they are again. This time I paired them with a relaxed boyfriend tee, bright sandals, laser cut cross body, and a super cute hat I bought while walking around the city. My boyfriend bought one too. Yes, we are the cute couple with matching hats but his has a different style. I might share a photo of our hats in my next post.

This week has been crazy, I’m preparing for a huge presentation about fashion to a big crowd at a woman’s conference on Tuesday. Wish me luck! I’m plan on sharing my presentation outfit in a post but you can follow me the day of on my Facebook page and watch live online the day of the presentation, so head on over and like my page to join me!

Stay Stylish,

Casual Photos by: @peterlang


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11 thoughts on “A Casual Outfit for Traveling

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    Very Nice look! Love it, very fresh!


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    […] dress comfortably and be stylish at the same time. The faux leather leggings are perfect for your casual outfits. The simple t-shirt and sneakers of the same color complement the cool look. Take on board a cozy […]

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    love your sandals. thanks for posting pics, I’m getting ideas on how to wear certain combination of colors which I’m not sure if they fit well together. more POST PLEASE….

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    Nothing that I like more than a nice simple tee and a good pair of jeans, this is the “test” outfit! It can be so sexy and stylish if you pair them well. So nice job, and I hope your presentation went well!
    Mafalda ❤

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      Yep – it is one of the ultimate combos! Thank you so much it went very well – I’ll be sharing photos from the day and my outfit soon.

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    Beautiful outfit! Look so comfy and chic!



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    It look so comfty and that’s important during a trip 🙂

    Best, Meg

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    I love your crossbody bag and those shoes!!
    Definitely a good choice for a casual look!!

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      Thank you Martha!

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    I love this look! So casual and comfortable! I just bought a hat exactly like that at J.Crew!

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      How fun! I wore this hat a lot! I hope you get lots of use out of your new hat =).