An Outfit for a Day at the Marina

Maxi Patterned Dress - Stylishlyme

Corner Tying a Maxi Dress - Stylishlyme

Outdoors Marina Outfit - Stylishlyme

Lasercut Crossbody Bag Summer - Stylishlyme

Stylish Outfit for the Marina - Stylishlyme

Crossbody Bag and maxi dress - Stylishlyme

Wearing a Maxi Dress with a Vest - Stylishlyme

Maxi Dress gifted by Karen Kane | White Vest from YMI Jeans | Laser Cut Crossbody gifted from Sole Society | Sandals from Havaianas

How to Wear a Maxi Tie-Dye Dress

Protection from the sun is very important and is something you need to remember before heading out the door. If you’re planning on being out in the sun all day it’s best to be prepared. Always wear sunscreen.

On our last day in Barcelona we spent every possible moment soaking up the Barcelona sunshine, walking around the marina, and enjoying the beach. I wore a tie-dye maxi dress from Karen Kane and since it was a little long for me – I tied the bottom corner of the dress in order to wear it with sandals. My preferred sandal is a super soft and comfortable pair of Havaianas, that work for the Mediterranean Sea to the Mojave desert.

I wore the same hat I bought the previous day (a very good purchase), a white vest and the gorgeous laser-cut crossbody from the two previous outfits of this series, A Casual Outfit for Traveling and An Outfit for a Day of Shopping.

Some things to keep in mind when wearing a maxi dress are: length, fabric, color or pattern and cut. I didn’t want to wear a belt with this dress so I added a cropped vest to create definition at my waist. I tied the bottom corner because it was a bit too long for me and choose not to get it hemmed so I could wear it with wedges. The fabric was heavy but not too hot and it kept almost my entire body protected from the sun.

What do you wear to protect yourself from the sun?

Stay Stylish,

Photos by: @peterlang


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