A Cute and Casual Travel Outfit

casual outdoors outfit - Stylishlyme

casual hat outfit - Stylishlyme

cute outdoors hat outfit - Stylishlyme

stripped shirt  and hat outfit - Stylishlyme

casual california travel outfit - Stylishlyme

stripped shirt spring outfit - Stylishlyme

Olive Green Hat from The Hat Shop | Jeans from Buckle | Shirt from Gap | Flats from Sole Society

What I Wear When Traveling

When in doubt wear stripes. Stripes always seem to be a good idea when traveling and they make you look casual chic. Imagine this outfit is a solid what tee, not so cute, but with stripes, super cute! =)

Also note that the stripes are skinny not thick.

Thick stripes remind me of rugby shirts and Ralph Lauren sweaters. This is the opposite of light and springy so I prefer thin striped tops.

I never know where I might end up while traveling so I always pack some simple t-shirts to wear with jeans. This has saved me from wearing fancy blouses in places where you shouldn’t dress too nice. For example, this location – Red Rock Canyon State Park. It’s a short 30 minutes drive from the Las Vegas strip.

We took this Red Rock detour after an active 3 days at MAGIC. The change from walking a fashion trade show to a beautiful and challenging 5 hour hike was exactly what we needed to cap off our trip.

I wore this casual outfit to leave the hotel and make our way to the the park. We took these photos then I changed into my workout gear to climb to the top of the mountain – which took 2.5 hours, one way.

Back to this travel look. I try to never wear my hair down when on a long distance drive or on a plane for over 4 hours. I can never keep my hair looking lively after a long period of time. So to prevent the embarrassment of bed head hair I wear my hair up or wear a hat, sometimes I even do both.

This is my go-to look for an effortless travel outfit that will always be stylish during the spring and summer months.

What do you wear when you want to look casual chic?

Stay Stylish,

PS: We didn’t take a close-up shot of these super cute flats – we will the next time I wear them.

Photos: @peterlang


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