The Must Have Spring Bag – The Pouch

White Spring Outfit Laser cut Accessories - Stylishlyme

Green Scarf White Outfit - Stylishlyme

All White Spring Outfit - Stylishlyme

California Spring White Outfit - Stylishlyme

Olive Green Scarf and Aviators Outfit - Stylishlyme

Sole Society Laser Cut Heels - Stylishlyme

Spring 2013 Trend Pouch Handbag - Stylishlyme

Spring Laser Cut Accessories - Stylishlyme

Spring Trend Pouch Bag - Stylishlyme

Olive Scarf gifted by Brianne Faye | Pouch Bag gifted by Sole Society | Cuffed Shorts gifted from Michael Stars | Long sleeve bought 4 yrs ago in Paris | Laser cut Heels gifted by Sole Society

Spring Essential Handbag

You know I’m not one for trendy items. The here today and gone tomorrow pieces are not usually my cup of tea but this spring I’m loving the spring essentials that Harper’s Bazaar shared in their February issue.

In case you missed it the magazine shared the top seven pieces for spring: pleated skirt, contrast heels, soft bag, white skirt, pouch and sporty heel. I loved the spread because these spring pieces are just so different and fun. This list isn’t focusing on a specific item from a specific brand. For example, like the must have it bag from Marc Jacobs. I dislike that idea of an “it” bag and requiring every fashionista to own one.

For these seven key spring items it’s more like helpful recommendations. Find a pouch bag that you like, a pleated skirt in your favorite color and the length that is most flattering on you. This approach is the one I feel you should take. Nevermind trends, you should only wear pieces that look fabulous on you.

My essential spring pouch handbag that I am wearing in this post is a fanciful laser cut neutral. As you were able to see from the Chic is Effortless post my eye is drawn to laser cut designs. I’m not the only one, this laser cut handbag I shared from Barcelona has been shared on Pinterest over 20,000+ times. People are loving the laser cut designs.

Accompanying this chic bag is laser cut heels and olive green scarf. The outfit exudes classic simplicity. The olive green and brown hues round out the all white outfit from looking stark.

You may notice in the background the MAGIC banners hanging from the Las Vegas Convention Center. This was my outfit for day two of MAGIC. Take a look at what I wore on my first day of the show: Can You Wear Black And Brown Together.

Stay Stylish,

PS: Which of the seven spring essentials is your favorite?


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