Spring and Summer Essential Handbag – A Tote

Spring and Summer Essential Handbag - The Tote - Stylishlyme.com

Stylish Tote – A Handbag Must Have

What are you currently using to carry your laptop, iPad, chargers, notebooks and such?

Is it something stylish? Something that you’ll be able to wear during the Spring and Summer months and will match a variety of outfits?

If not, then you have some shopping to do!

A spring and summer essential handbag that I always have with me is a tote. I use a tote everyday to carry my blogging essentials so I need something that’s neutral, great quality, and large enough to carry my laptop.

When it comes to totes, especially stylish work totes, you’re going to use them everyday so investing in one every year, or every other year, is a necessity. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands on one tote just buy one that keeps your everyday bag updated.

I’m wearing this tote with a casual spring outfit because I wanted to share with you its versatility. This style tote will look nice paired with a sleek suit or with cute cuffed shorts and sequined top. I don’t know if you noticed, the front of this top is fully embellished with sequins! Right now, it’s one of my favorite tops for spring.

So when you’re shopping for your perfect spring and summer tote make sure it’s versatile. You don’t want to purchase something that only goes with specific outfits or isn’t appropriate for the work environment.

Shopping with StyleSpotter

Speaking of shopping, I’ve recently started using this awesome and stylish shopping app, StyleSpotter.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always searching online for items you need to buy, want to buy, or are just dreaming about. I sometimes find the perfect pair of spring wedges or floral shorts but forget to save it, thus I lose it! Let me know if this has happened to you before!

The great thing about this iPad app is that you can search within it and save items in a special collection that you create. For example, I have a collection for European Summer Escape, Summer Lovin’, Dainty Delights, and Summer Stripes. These are the things I’m currently shopping for. So when I’m searching in the app for perfect striped flats, and I find them, all I have to do is add it to my collection and buy them when I’m ready.

Another handy feature is similar items. If you’re searching for a pair of sunglasses of a particular style but not sure what else is out there just find a pair that you like and click on similar items and the app shows you all of the sunglasses that look similar. Pretty awesome!

Happy (organized) shopping!

Stay Stylish,

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