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Stylish Crossbody – A Handbag Must Have

There are three classic handbag styles that you need to have for spring and summer; tote, crossbody and clutch. These three styles are the staples of your handbag collection and can be used interchangeably throughout the spring and summer months.

Yesterday, I shared with you the essential tote, today we move on to the crossbody!

A crossbody is an essential handbag for this time of year because you need something small that you can take with you everywhere. It’s the ultimate carefree handbag because you don’t have to worry about it occupying one of your hands leaving them free to hold fresh drinks and flowers all spring and summer long.

When searching for your perfect crossbody make sure to look at three important details: size, color and style. In this look, I went with a crossbody style that is a little more “dressy.” I like this because of it can be dressed up, as in this outfit, or worn casually with a pair of distressed jeans and a tee. Look for a versatile crossbody handbag because you will wear it many times!

As for size, select something that you’re comfortable with and is large enough to carry all of your necessities. Watch out for handbags that are too big as the weight will put a strain on your shoulder. Avoid a handbag that’s too small because it’s worthless if you can’t fit your stuff.

Lastly, the color! If you know that this spring and summer you want to wear lots of color then select a bright, like: yellow, blue, or coral. Select a color that matches a variety of color palettes. This pastel pink crossbody with silver accents will look stylish with white, black, blue jeans, patterns, or solid shirts that are either casual or dressy. I’m the ultimate remixer of clothing and accessories so when I get an essential item I know that I will wear it multiple times.

How to Wear – Drop Waist Dress

Do you, or would you, wear a drop waist dress?

This type of style can go bad very quickly. I saw this trend emerge last year but didn’t give it a try because I couldn’t find a piece that was flattering for my figure. Remember that no matter how popular a trend may be, you should only wear it because you feel confident and fabulous not because you don’t want to be left out.

A drop waist dress can be difficult to wear depending on your figure because the bottom of the dress ends right at the hips or a little below with extra fabric that flares after it. This dress style accentuates your torso so if you’re a little bottom heavy if can make you look heavier than you really are.

I went with a hem that ended a little past my hips in a solid darker blue and a style that’s a little more fitted as opposed to a flared bottom. Darker colors are definitely easier to wear and as you know make you look slimmer as opposed to bright pinks and yellows. I also went with a dressier style as opposed to casual. With the lace giving this dress the classy feel, I completed the look with purple embellished pumps and the pretty pastel crossbody.

If you’re looking to try this drop waist dress style, experiment with different cuts, fabrics, and colors. Consider the extra fabric after the hem and whether or not you want it to flare or just fall flat, like in this dress.

I hope these tips help you in your search for your next crossbody and if you try the drop waist dress trend!

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