Boho Printed Outfit for Summer

Mathing printed tank top and shorts summer outfit -

Coordinating Separates: Printed Shorts and Matching Top

Which season do you love more? Spring or Summer?

When we have a weekend as gorgeous as last weekend it makes me long for the warm summer days. But after some time daydreaming, I came back to reality and remembered where I live, where the summers are tortuous and the heat is relentless. I like summer for about a week, then I’m done. Spring on the other hand is gorgeous here, and by here I’m referring to Central California. It’s sunny for 360 days out of the year, for someone whose favorite season is winter, I really don’t know what I’m doing here. Maybe I should move to San Francisco.

Since summer is inching closer I thought I would begin to share some summer outfit inspiration.

These coordinating separates just happen to match perfectly. They’re not by the same brand but you would never know. I shared with you this fun printed top last week, Finally! How To Wear Mint Green Pants, when I matched the green hue in the print with a pair of mint denim pants. It’s fun color coordinating! In today’s outfit I pair the same printed top with a cute pair of silk printed shorts.

Have fun with print, color and pattern matching this summer and look for pieces that look like they were meant to be worn together. Some separates might not match as well as this tank and shorts but you can also play with color and fabric. Also, many stores and brands are selling matching separates that are meant to be worn together or separate, it just depends how much pattern you want and are comfortable in wearing in one outfit.

To keep the summer boho feel going, I wore my hair up in a messy ponytail and added some fun accessories. The watch you see is made from wood! Yep, wood! It’s natural look and feel make it the perfect match for this coordinating summer outfit. It’s smaller face makes it perfect for my small wrist and it’s light color makes it the ideal summer watch.

What’s on your shopping list for summer?

Stay Stylish,

PS: Let me know what you think of matching separates. Like, love or meh.

Coordinating Seperates Summer Outfit -

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Printed Coordinating Seperates Shorts and Tank Top -

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