Patterned Pants – An Easy & Stylish Way to Wear Them

Spring Patterned Pants Outfit Inspiration -

Spring Patterned Pants Outfit

When you see the oodles of patterned pants hanging decadently in the store racks what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

“I want them! I need them!… What would I wear them with? Are they going to make my hips look wide? Will I ever really wear them?”

I’ve thought this to myself many a times before. As you know, and as you can see from my looks, my style is classic minimalist with a mix of contemporary. I tend to keep to solids most of the time but I do mix it up with bold prints and patterns every now and then.

One trend that I really like, but don’t wear much of, is the spring patterned pants trend. There are an infinite amount of styles available! Just find the one that is perfect for you and you too can jump on the patterned pant trend.

5 Tips on Wearing Patterned Pants

There are few things you should keep-in-mind before you purchase a pair of these bold pants and when it comes time to styling them in an outfit.

Here are 5 pattern pants tips that you should follow. (I might have been guilty of not following them before but now I’m sticking to them!)

  • Color coordinate! This rule is important even if you’re not wearing a pattern. Always make sure all the colors in your outfit look good together. When wearing patterned bottoms pick out one color from the pattern and match it to your shirt or accessories. In this outfit, I wore a dark top to match the dark lines in the pants. The top and handbag match and the black heels match the black lines in the pants.

  • Remember to keep the outfit balanced. There are a wide variety of prints available and with that comes a wide variety of fits. Printed pants are tight, loose and baggy. The baggy printed bottoms might come off as pajamas so I stay away from those. For my style, I prefer printed trousers. Depending on the fit of the pants you choose, remember that you need to wear an appropriate top with it. If you have more form fitting pants, like I have, you’re free to wear a light flowy top. If you wear looser fitting pants you can wear a slimmer fitting top to balance the outfit.

  • Elongate your figure by wearing heels or wedges. I always try to look taller in my outfits. Since I’m a tall 5’3”, I always make sure my outfit make me appear taller than I really am because I absolutely don’t want to look shorter. The easiest way to achieve this is by wearing heels or wedges. When wearing printed pants stay away from flat boots as they will kill your figure.

  • Consider the size of the print. When deciding on a print, you have three things to consider: the colors, the size of the print, and then, the print itself. Print size is an important one. You don’t want to wear a pattern that overpowers you. Don’t let the print wear you, you want to wear the print, with style. For example, my figure is petite so I selected a smaller print.

  • If you’re unsure about patterned pants than play it safe, as I did, and wear a solid top. Pattern mixing is fun but it’s not for the faint of heart. It takes some stylish guts to wear a bold pattern on pattern. Don’t be intimidated by printed bottoms, instead, take a safe route and wear them with a solid top that matches the colors of the print.

How do you style your printed pants?

Thank you for your comments and for being a stylish reader!

Stay Stylish,

P.S. Speaking of prints after you let me know your thoughts on this look in the comments below don’t miss these tips on wearing tie-dye.

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