Nautical Inspired Casual Outfit

A red, white and blue nautical outfit- Visit for more outfit photos and style tips

Red, White and Blue Casual Nautical Outfit

If you follow me on Facebook you might have noticed I escaped the summer heat this weekend by heading to the California coastal breezy bliss.

I wanted to take my little sister to the coast before she went back to school. So we got it the car and went to Monterrey, Carmel by the Sea and Point Lobos here in California.

Our first stop was the sand dunes of Sand City, right before entering Monterrey, this is where we photographed these photos. Tomorrow, I’ll share with you some gorgeous photos from Point Lobos, California. The weather was absolutely perfect!

Have you noticed the recent trend in my outfit posts this summer?

I’ve worn lots of white and blue outfit combinations. Honestly, I mean lots… just take a look at all the blue and white outfits I’ve worn this year. It’s such an easy combination to wear, it looks crisp, it has the summer appeal and the outfits always look chic. There are tons of ways that you could wear blue and white combinations. I’ve even added splashes of color, like salmon and bright yellow. I use accessories to create color contrasts which helps break up the look.

If you want a casual way to wear a nautical inspired look for summer then just remember this simple formula.

Casual Nautical Outfit Formula: Stripes, something navy, boat shoes and a splash of red. If you’re going for a classic nautical look you can wear a shirt similar to the one I’m wearing in this post. If you want something more trendy, then I would look for striped shirts with thicker stripes or stripes of varying reds and blues.

There is only a little over a month left of summer! Make the most of it!

Stay Stylish,

The perfect long sleeve striped nautical shirt- Visit for more outfit photos and style tips

Navy blazer and striped shirt- Visit for more outfit photos and style tips

Red handbag, navy blazer and nautical stripes- Visit for more outfit photos and style tips

Salmon red coach mini satchel- Visit for more outfit photos and style tips

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