How To Style Sneakers This Spring & Summer –
Sneakers With A Dress

Bright Blue Skater Dress with Sneakers and Cropped Jacket Outfit Inspiration -

Sneakers and Sporty Skater Dress

As the last installment in this “How to Style Sneakers” series I wanted to share a way to style sneakers with a dress.

This is probably the simplest outfits out of the three because all you need is a cute dress and sneakers. Of course, the style of dress will determine if it is a match or not. I mean, I wouldn’t wear sneakers with a pastel chiffon maxi dress, in my opinion it just wouldn’t look cute.

Sneakers with a sporty skater dress on the other hand, are a perfect match.

There are three reasons why this dress goes so well with sportier shoes. The fitted shape of the dress, the accented black piping create the hourglass feel and the flared skirt. These details make is so I didn’t lose my figure and balanced the flat bulky shoe.

This dress also already has a sporty feel, so that was an added bonus.

Keep this in mind next time you want to style sneakers with a dress. Look for a dress that accentuates your figure and balances the sporty shoe instead of making the dress a huge contrast.

Have you tried styling sneaker with a dress? What style of dress did you wear the casual kicks with?

Stay Stylish,

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Cropped Denim Jacket paired with Fitted Blue Skater Dress -

Blue Cropped Denim Jacket With Blue Skater Dress -

Fitted Blue skater dress -

Summer Dress with Sneaker Outfit -


Black  and White Nike Flyknit Sneakers

Dress from Target
Cropped Denim Jacket from LOFT
Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Sneakers gifted from JD Sports


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Sneakers With A Dress