My Workout Recovery Week + StylishlyFit Week 5

My Workout Recovery Week + StylishlyFit Week 5

August 29 – September 4, 2016 Fitness

You’re going to see a dramatic difference in my schedule this week from the past month. I went from 9 to 10 workouts a week to 4. Why? This week was all about workout recovery. I was feeling a little tired and needed to take a recovery week, not just a rest day.

I listened to my body, and I knew I needed a little break. I like to work hard; it’s a strength and weakness. I will work non-stop from morning to night if my body and mind allow.

Besides this blog, I also own a Digital Marketing Agency with Peter. With my blog and the agency combined I work around 45-50 hours a week (I know because I track my time using Toggl). This doesn’t include workout time. I wake up at 5 am and don’t stop until I’m ready for bed.

The intense weight training and cardio put tremendous stress on my body, and I needed a workout recovery week because my body was tired, my mind needed it as well. On top of that, I’m very happy that it’s a 3 day holiday weekend! YAY!

The week away from the gym provided an important mental break.

It felt a little weird this week. Not seeing my Polar Fitness Tracker above 100% every day was odd. It was difficult finishing my gallon of water a day because I usually drink at least 32 ounces of it during my CrossFit workouts.

You’ll notice that I kept my Kayla workouts and a 3.5-mile run. It’s recovery week, not a “do nothing” week.

Starting Monday, we’re back on the intense training cycle of CrossFit at least 3x’s a week, running, and Kayla workouts.

Kayla Itsines Week 17 Resistance (Legs)

Kayla Itsines Week 17 Resistance (Arms)

Kayla Itsines Week 17 Resistance (Abs)

3.5 mile run in 35 minutes

Song of the Week

This week was more of a playlist of the week instead of a song of the week. Peter and I saw a documentary about the EDM music festival, Tomorrowland on Netflix and we immediately looked up the playlist on Spotify.

I love EDM and can listen to it all day. When I’m ready to dive into a productive groove, I put on my headphones and listen from everyone to Steve Aoki to Afrojack.

Workout Recovery Week

Four weeks of intense training causes tons of stress: joint & ligament stress, muscular damage, neural fatigue, and hormone disruption. After about a month it’s time for a recovery week.

Though I mainly do CrossFit, Kayla Fitness, and various endurance training I’ve taken the recovery week process that is in P90X, Insanity, and other programs. Bodybuilders do it too. Everyone uses some recovery based on their level. I’m no different, and that is a good thing.

Rather than complete workout recovery, I focused on taking some days completely off. During the past seven-day de-load, I aimed for three complete rest days and four moderate workout sessions. Kayla workouts are difficult but not as demanding as CrossFit workouts. So doing 3 Kayla workouts and 1 run was perfect for my recovery week.

There is a lot of information about why your body needs a week of or a declined workload every four weeks. I’m not a doctor or a personal trainer so consult experts and find out what workout recovery works best for you.

Stay StylishlyFit,

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2 thoughts on “My Workout Recovery Week + StylishlyFit Week 5

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    Great post. recovery week running is perfect for the summer. And I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and healthy your fitness. It’s amazing.

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    I agree with you. You need to listen to your body when it signs that you need a rest.