Paddleboarding in Newport Beach California

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First Time Paddleboarding

Is there a summer sport you’ve always wanted to try? Paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing?

One summertime activity that I’ve been itching to try was paddleboarding. So while we were in Southern California last weekend we committed and gave it a try.

To say the least it was a lot of fun! It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. As much as I like to do yoga I’m incredibly unbalanced so I thought I was going to fall right off as soon as I stood up. But that was not the case. The boards are pretty wide so once you’re up you’re pretty steady.

Since I’m not a paddleboarding aficionado we rented our boards at Paddle Power. This great rental and surf shop in Newport Beach peninsula. And since we rented our paddle boards we were allowed to use them in the marina. I think this was a good thing since it was my first time I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much trying to keep myself up against the waves.

Also the water in the marina was warm, much better than the very cold water of most California beaches.

The super cute California love tank is from Billabong.

Have you tried paddleboarding before? Did you like it?

Stay Stylish,

Paddleboarding Newport beach California -

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Paddleboarding in the Marina - Newport Beach California

Paddleboarding in Newport beach marina -

A cute outfit to wear paddleboarding in California -

paddleboarding in marina newport beach ca -

Paddle Boarding Newport Beach, California -

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7 thoughts on “Paddleboarding in Newport Beach California

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    […] I selected to do while we were in San Diego was paddle boarding. The only other time I experienced paddle boarding was in Newport Beach, which was a lot of fun, so I wanted to do it […]

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    that looks like a lot of fun might wanna try next time I got to the beach

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    lorna mai

    I haven’t tried paddleboarding before, in fact, I don’t think i’ve even heard of it before. It looks a lot of fun but it also looks like you have to be fit and strong. You look so effortless and stylish in these pictures; beautiful.

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    Great look! X

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    Love the shirt! Super cute, and it have to try paddle boarding.

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    Looks like a blast! I want to learn how to paddle board this summer!

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    looks like a lot of fun