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Sharing my CrossFit Journey

At first I was a little intimidated. Every time we would head to class my stomach started to hurt. I was nervous about working out! It sounds ridiculous but it’s true.

Lifting heavy weights, learning techniques and being around intense trainers dropping heavy weights hadn’t been something I pictured myself doing.

The stereotypical “fashion blogger” workout routine is some yoga, pilates and running. It’s not going to a CrossFit gym and holding heavy weight overhead and squatting or lifting a heavy bar off the ground to your shoulders.

But little did I know I was going to love it so much. The CrossFit addiction hit me without even expecting it. The end of March will mark the end of the first full month of going to CrossFit. It’s only the beginning but I’ve been seeing such improvements in my confidence and strength.

Peter and I are now going 5 times a week and we still do P90x at home.

Since this is going to be such a big part of my life I wanted to start sharing it with you. I want to share with you my journey from the very start.

Follow me on Instagram because I share a photo every time we head to the gym. I’ll share an update here on the blog about my progress and some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

I hope these posts inspire you to try something new. To try something you didn’t expect yourself to be doing. Who knows you might end up loving it.

I know these are not your typical outfit posts or hairstyles but I do hope you like these new post series. If you do, I’d love to hear your feedback! Send me a tweet. If you don’t then, don’t worry I’m still sharing outfit posts and style tips.

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Fittest Year Ever!

If you’re wondering what’s up with all this CrossFit the beginning of 2015 I mentioned that I was going to starting working out daily with Peter.

He wants 2015 to be his fittest year ever – he’s approaching a milestone birthday.

To help him achieve his goal, I committed to workout with him. A win/win: time together and overall wellness.

How I started going to CrossFit

Starting CrossFit

If you remember last year I shared a blog post on the 5 Things Your Should Know Before Starting CrossFit. A friend of ours invited us to his CrossFit gym aka box and that’s when I was first introduced to CrossFit.

It wasn’t until we were working with a local CrossFit gym, through my digital marketing agency, that CrossFit was reintroduced to us.

Peter had a strong interest in trying CrossFit so it seemed like the perfect time to do so. We got to know the coaches and the “boxes” through the work we were doing with their business and we really liked the program and it’s impact on our energy and performance. We made a business decision to offer our agency team to join in through their corporate wellness program.

When starting CrossFit there are moves you need to learn in order to do the WOD’s. You go through an onramp program where the coaches teach you the moves and you work on form.

Once we completed onramp we starting going every Tuesday at 9:00AM. We prioritize a health lifestyle and offer that same opportunity to our team. It’s had a great impact by improving everyone’s energy, and building a stronger bond between our team.

Stay StylishlyFit,

PS: Let me know if you’d me to share what I’m wearing in my Instagram posts.

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CrossFit Women - Starting CrossFit


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    The best thing you can do for your child as a mother is to show both your boys and girls that you can be strong physically and mentally. We all know that crossfit requires both. You have to increase your strength in order to hit that next milestone, and in order to get there, you have to push yourself on the days that you feel like you don’t want to or you can’t. When children see their parents have interests in being physically active, it will shape them throughout their lives. So, women, if you are looking for a way to empower your children, then look no further than empowering yourself.

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    I am starting to get influenced by some famous personalities that are doing the workout called “CrossFit.” By the end of this month, I’ll start looking for a facility that offers this to start my journey. It’s interesting that, before you start with the actual workout, there is a program that will teach you first about the moves and will work on your form. Thanks a lot for the information!

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