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Are you seeing denim jackets on your favorite fashionistas and wondering how you can wear them?

Have you thought about the denim wash, cut and shape that you’re going to get?

Well, this is what I was thinking just two weeks ago. I needed a new denim jacket for spring to pair with my favorite dresses, skirts and shorts. I hopped online and ordered one from one of my favorite stores (LOFT). In the same order was the white denim pants I shared with you yesterday.

Today, we continue with the Palo Alto series we started yesterday. We photographed this look in the lobby of the lux Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto. The tall french windows made for the perfect backdrop for this outfit. The tall vertical lines also made me appear much taller than I am, which is always a plus.

Cropped Denim Jacket

Spring weather isn’t predictable, so it’s important to always have a spring jacket handy. This transitional season offers a range of weather from rain, warm sun and cool nights. This means you need a jacket that you can easily layer over your spring looks yet still compliments your outfits.

One of the best and easiest jacket choices to go with is a denim jacket. This spring essential can be worn over your bright patterned dresses or paired with your favorite tees and shorts.

As with most fashion related purchases there comes the dilemma of having to choose one. Do you want a cropped denim jacket that you can wear with your favorite maxi dresses and skirts? Or would you prefer something a little more hipster like a hooded jacket to pair with your bright aqua skinnies? There are tons of denim jackets to choose from, everything from classic to distressed and acid washed. It’s important to know what type of denim jacket is best for you.

The key things you need to remember when you are buying this spring jacket is:

  • What will you wear it with most of the time? Dresses, skirts, shorts or pants.
  • Do you like dark wash for light?
  • Are you going to pair it with denim pants or shorts? If so, I would suggest going with a different shade than your favorite pair of jeans.
  • Do you want to wear it next year? Then, it’s best to go with a classic shape.

For my first denim jacket this year, I decided to go with a cropped light wash look with a classic shape. I didn’t want anything too dark as I wanted it to have a more casual feel. This is an easy jacket to add over any look. Also, I selected a cropped cut over an original fit because I plan on wearing the denim jacket with lots of dresses.

What type of denim jacket are you buying this spring?

Stay Stylish,

P.S. A jacket that ends at the waist is more figure flattering.

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