What to Wear with White Jeans – A Dressed Up Look

what to wear with white jeans - A dress up look that you can wear for an evening out - find out more on styishlyme.com

What to Wear with White Jeans Black and Gold

Wearing white jeans doesn’t have to be a mystery. White jeans can be dressed up or down, worn during the weekend or date night and yes even after Labor Day. What to wear with white jeans is a question that arises often so today lets cover how you can dress up white jeans.

This is the outfit I wore during the day on Valentine’s Day which is why it’s more dressy than casual. I previously shared with you my evening Valentine’s Day outfit.

If you’re just starting to wear white jeans the easiest pairing you can do is with black. A black and white outfit is chic and stylish and when you’re creating a dressed up look black and white is the simplest starting point.

4 Style Tips on Dressing Up White Jeans

When creating a dressed up white jeans outfit take these four points into consideration to create a stylish look.

1. Choose the right pair of white jeans: Go with a cut that you normally wear. If you like straight leg, wear straight leg, if you like boot cut, wear boot cut. Personally I usually wear straight leg or skinny, they are my preferred style and it’s what I stick to.

Make sure they fit perfectly and look fabulous on you. White jeans are notorious with making you look a little wider than you really are so make sure they really fit perfectly.

2. Choose the right top: Since we’re going for a dressed up look in black and white select a material that is “pretty.” Find a black shirt in lace, chiffon, silk or similar.

In this outfit I wore a black blouse with lace trim. The contrasting lace really stands out against the white jeans and has an overall pretty effect.

3. Wear dressy shoes: If you’re continuing on the black and white theme I would suggest black pumps or black and white striped pumps. In this outfit I’m wearing these fabulous pair of black and white striped pumps I received from Sole Society. They really bring this look together.

If you want to add a pop of color you can do it with your shoes! I would suggest a dark blue or red as those color would look best with a black and white look.

4. Complete the look with gold accessories: Gold jewelry adds warmth to this contrasting look. Since this outfit was more in the classic minimal side I wore gold earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings and even a crossbody with a gold chain. No holding back on the accessories.

The blouse has a high neckline so I’m able to wear a long necklace that stands out against the black.

I hope these tips help you solve the dilemma on what to wear with white jeans!

Let me know, what do you pair your white jeans with?

Stay Stylish,

PS: Check out how I wore these jeans in a casual outfit in January.

 What to Wear with White Jeans - A Dressed Up Outfit

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What to Wear with White Jeans - A Dressed Up Outfit

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Black and white striped pumps gifted from Sole Society / Lace blouse gifted from Darling Clothing / Gold Bar Necklace gifted from Sole Society / White Jeans from LOFT / Mini crossbody from ZAC Zac Posen / Earrings from Ann Taylor


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